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  1. Just looked to see if theyd put the bailiff disclaimer at the end...they have, but its totally unredacted to me.. So ive hidden the post
  2. Sorry for the delayed response. This concluded satisfactorily at mediation. Thanks for all the help BankFodder
  3. p'haps @Ell-enn will pop in she is our master at these speculative repo's by non 1st charge fleecers
  4. Yes, that's fine for now. Practice scanning or taking photos of doc'ts so you can post them when needed as PDF's.
  5. I have a sensible set of rules and mechanisms. There is nothing to stop me taking whatever precautions I choose.
  6. Yes, beware of "warranties" issued by conservatory companies. I had a fifteen year warranty with mine. Twelve months after the installation some of the DG units failed and began to mist. I contacted the installers only to be told that the company that installed mine had gone into liquidation. Meanwhile a "new" company had taken over the business. Same "T/A" name, same premises, same staff, same phone number. They could fix my problem, but unfortunately there would be a charge. Enquiries led me to discover that this company, which had been operating under the same name for forty years, performed this trick about every two years or so. You live and learn
  7. Staffing is always an issue thanks to the Pingocracy running the Pingdemic, NHS Wales is virtually shut down due to "You must go home if you hear the Ping"
  8. Just like they'd love to hide the disclaimer, makes my teeth itch utter clowns.
  9. no not quite. The Information Commissioners Office says: . All references to a defaulted debt must be removed from your credit files after 6 years has passed from date of default, whether paid off, paying now or not. . {the WHOLE ACCOUNT WILL VANISH, never to return}. . {however, this does not mean the debt itself is not still owed consider a CCA request.} . This is so that someone who continues paying something - even after 6 years from default - should not be at a disadvantage to someone who pays nothing after default and ends up with a clean file after 6 years. . NOTE: {the bracketed text is not Information Commissioners Office guideline but my advise]
  10. Ignore these donuts, they are NOT bailiffs, even though their silly little missive states that they are, in this instance they're simply acting as powerless debt collectors and can be ignored.
  11. The shot putter sophie lives in the same town as me. The she has had to crowd fund her training. While we are disappointed that she did not get threw we are proud she got there.
  12. i'm not ever sure N11R is the right form?? you are not their landlord your are not renting from them you live in your house mortgaged home and the 1st charge mortgage is with kensingtions. somethings not right here.. Form N11R: Defend a claim for possession of a rented property - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) could just be an admin error by guildford?
  13. as far as i can see this is only a review...an N11R. its a repeat of last year. 2. On 14 February 2007 above premises. the c1aimant and the defendant entered into a mortgage of the xxx there is no existing welcome mortgage - this an old secured loan is not conjoined to a welcome mortgage there IS an existing 1st charge mortgage with Kensington. (b) The agreement for the loan secured by the mortgage is not (or none of them is) a regulated consumer credit agreement. the loan IS regulated by the CCA. 7. The following steps have already been taken to recover the money secured by the mortgage: The Claimant has confirmed to me that it has complied with the requirements of the Pre-Action Protocol for Possession Claims prior to issuing possession proceedings. did they
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