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    Err not quite. Here's the actual (unedited) quote by Lord James of Blackheath as recorded in Hansard: https://hansard.parliament.uk/lords/2019-09-06/debates/0C259B8B-7232-4228-BB00-E258510FD926/EuropeanUnion(Withdrawal)(No6)Bill So not only did you edit the quote front & back to make it appear as a some kind of statement of fact, rather than a question, his peers laughed at it.
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    You need to take some time to understand the legal situation, otherwise you'll panic and end up paying money you don't owe. If you saw someone you recognised vandalising street signs or lamp posts in the street where you live, you wouldn't send the person a demand for £100 to be paid to you, and if you did I'm sure they'd just laugh at the letter. You have no power to fine anyone. The correct procedure would be to call the coppers who would have the person prosecuted in the Magistrates Court with the fine going to the state. Airports are covered by bye-laws. If you did something naughty with your car (you didn't of course, just being hypothetical) the correct procedure is prosecution in the Magistrates Court. No private company can "fine" you. You owe them £0.00 so there's nothing to consider re discount periods, you can't discount zero. VCS are sending demands for money they know full well isn't owed, hoping motorists who don't know the law will wee themselves & cough up. That's one of the reasons we say not to communicate with them, they're crooks. At best appealing is pointless, at worst you'll give away legal protections. If you found someone burgling your home, you wouldn't go through their appeal or mediation process. You mention bailiffs. Bailiffs can only be involved - if you are sent a formal Letter before Action - then you are taken to court - then you lose the court claim - then you still refuse to pay. You're not even at the first stage yet! Try reading threads by motorists in a similar position to you on the forum. You'll see that VCS will send lots of scary letters, finally they will threaten court with a Letter before Action, AT THIS POINT you tell them you know the law and to Foxtrot Oscar ... whereupon they go back under their stone. Here is one example. This motorist hasn't been taken to court. They don't take people to court - because they know their claims are invalid and they would lose. Even if they did take you to court, which they won't, you would smash them. Ignore their hot air and have a good evening!
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    what link? use our search resolvecall...selfhelp!! no DCA has any legal powers. they are NOT BAILIFFS dx
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    https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/SC626781/officers Trading as Caledonian Moving and Storage https://www.removals-scotland.com/
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    From CityAM talking about the same poll. The series includes polls that were conduct across the whole of the UK, as well as polls limited to Great Britain. https://www.cityam.com/britain-would-now-vote-to-stay-in-the-eu-mega-poll-reveals/
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    quite std for mortgage plc to sell to rooftops get an sar running to rooftops get all the info and get reclaiming all those unlawful fees if you mean BUILDING INS then reclaim that as PPI
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    I think we have discussed this earlier in the thread.....but we will need an accurate balance paid up to date and last payment date. Unpaid balance would be the amount outstanding as agreed in the Consent Order up to the date of your last payment..the date you defaulted on the Consent Order. Shooting in the dark here because without sight of the actual Consent Schedule..I'm hoping there wasn't a line included that stated should you default on the Consent Order the figure would revert back to the original amount as claimed on the claim form...I doubt it would...lets work to the F&FS agreed amount. Get all the figures...try to find the consent order...then we can review and possibly make application to set a side or the very least get the judgment amount amended. Andy
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    As part of the process of changing from an unrestricted supply to a meter, the water company are supposed to check for leaks. The get the house occupier to turn off all taps etc and then see if water is still being used. I know when I enquired with Wessex water, that this was their process and they would not swap to a meter, If there was a leak occurring. Then it would be necessary to fix the leak, before the meter work could be rescheduled. I wonder whether SWW noted an error and therefore they have not taken this to Court when they could have. As dx says, you need to write back confirming where you live now and that the address xxxxxx was sold on xxxx date.. If you have not paid or admitted to a debt within the last 6 years, tell them it is now statute barred under limitations act and they should cease writing to you. State that you are vulnerable, as you are within a month of giving birth.
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    I received another letter two days ago, I have just ignored it. I still get text messages at least twice a week but just delete them as soon as I receive them. I have blocked and bounced all their emails so I don't know if they are trying to contact me via that. I have read loads on here and I think we will hear from Zinc group for a while then probably get another letter from their solicitors but im just going to ignore all contact until they eventually give up! I will keep you posted.
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    Hi Charlie and Welcome to CAG Although this is at the legal stage I have moved your thread to the Residential and Commercial lettings/Freehold issues Forum where the experts tend to hang out and you will get more expert advice on the AST side of the case. Regards Andy
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    No its on the orig thread and youve answered them already....
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    Excellent find there by cjregg which might cater for veto .. but I'm not certain.
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    I'm not sure we have a vote on the extension. I found this: An extension can only happen if the UK formally requests it and it is unanimously agreed by the remaining member states. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/09/02/brussels-will-reluctantly-agree-brexit-extension-rebel-mps-succeed/
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    Yup you should be able to get a mortgage, I was in the same situation as you last year, with exactly the same deposit as you also. So your Money barn CCJ will no longer be visible on your credit file in 44 weeks and your Amigo Loans will be 5 years old next year. There is no question that you will get a mortgage, probably at a lower interest rate than me. The only problem you might have is the size of the CCJ, might have an effect. You need to find a good broker, that can make all the difference In any case, worst case scenario, start off with a higher interest rate mortgage, aiming to remortgage in a couple of years. Anything is better than chucking it away in rent.
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    This is the letter the Benn Act requires him to send.
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    The ex Supreme Court Justice Jonathon Sumption (he who represented the banks in the Supreme Court bank charges case and won) was asked about that scenario and he said that if Johnson did anything contrary to genuinely seeking and obtaining an extension after the letter is sent it would have the effect of invalidating the extension request letter and he would thus be in breach of the Benn Act. The act doesn't just require him to seek an extension, he has to accept it if the EU agrees to it.
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    no film with mobile phone camera...say the above but they never appear anyway... dx
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    yes ofcourse it does but quite usual don't forget your defence due Friday by 4pm. lots here to read
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    as an sar is free and 30 days now why not simply send a new one. I've not confirmed this yet properly I but I believe this might poss void the whole agreement under the CCA... has she moved since taking this finance out?
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    I still don't understand why you are seeking 'legal redress' against the agent. What loss have you suffered? What would you expect to get redress for? Why are even bothering to get involved in this? Just tell the agent you aren't involved in the sale of the leasehold and the freeholder isn't interested in selling the freehold. Tell them again that that the freehold is not for sale and they should make that clear in their marketing. End of.
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    @BankFodder hi there thanks again for your help during the case, the money arrived the next day! :)
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    Zinc can be safely ignored so don't reply or acknowledge their demands at all.
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    It is clear that you are responsible for all of the bills and would be as a joint tenant anyway. If you had done a runner and she was there then she would be responsible. Now can you prove that she agreed to pay anything by way of a signed agreement? if not forget about recoevring anything other than by persuasion. The belongings can sit there until the tenancy ends unless you get an agreement in the meanwhile.
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    Sounds like you were lucky, booking it on your credit card. We got the last Thomas Cook flight out of Cyprus on Friday night, everyone was very paranoid about it being cancelled. We got delayed on the tarmac for an hour while a disruptive passenger got removed. I guess he is still in a Larnaca Police Cell awaiting repatriation. I bet that'll teach him
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    There are 97/8 days left of 2019, so he could get to 160 in theory, just above the Viscount Goderich with 130 days.
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    Unclebulgaria has hit the nail there, NO Deal is ideal for the ERG, Rees-Mogg (The Beadle) and buddies to make a killing from asset stripping bankrupted companies here and in the EU.
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    Precisely why I suggest Sorning at the end of the month as it can be done online and is instantaneous!
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    Yes once you have registered to use the MCOL on line service...the instructions are contained within the claim pack which also contains your password.... Drydens dont expect you to understand the process or defend it.Don't forget to utilise the CPR 31.14 request if you require any further documents.
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    Why does anyone even care about Turkey joining the eu, or any other country for that matter. Immigration is already greater from non eu countries, so a lot of these people have been able to move here legally for years anyway. Who do they think sells them their kebab?
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    Perhaps just dock £200M from the directors Pay, Bonus and pension funds and put it back into the company? Interesting that the German arm appear to have received support from the German government ...
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    Please monitor this thread for a reply tomorrow. however you are wrong not to give the builders name. It won't do you any harm that it may help and it will certainly help others. Don't imagine that trading standards will take any action. They won't
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    Please will you tell us the name of the builders. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/3134/regulation/29/made lays out the circumstances in which you lose your right to cancel and off premises contract. I don't see anything here which says that you are not entitled to use the 14 day cooling off period. I suggest that you email the building immediately and ask him on what basis he says that you are not entitled to a cooling off period. Tell him that if he will not explain this to you then you will not engage in any further communication with him. In any event, and off premises contract must contain at least the following information – meaning that the supplier of the services must provide you with the following information http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/3134/schedule/2/made Please check your contract and any other messages you have received on paper or by email and see whether together it can be said that you are provided all of this information. If you were not provided with this information then the cooling period doesn't even begin to run. To all intents and purposes the contract is not complete yet. On the basis of the dates that you have provided to us it would appear that you have exercise your right to cancel just within the 14 day period and so therefore your cancellation is good. It seems to me on the basis of what you have told us that you are being bullied and browbeaten by these people. If it is correct that they haven't given you any details about the right to cancel then they are potentially committing an offence and once they have explain to you why you don't have the benefit of a cooling off period, you could then reply to them and warn them that by failing to include all of the information in schedule two – but particularly information as to the right to cancel, they are committing an offence. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/3134/regulation/19/made Once you are satisfied that you are on secure ground, I would suggest that you write and tell them to do the other thing and that you will be happy to see them in court where you are sure that the judge will be very interested also to see the way they have behaved against you. Please let us know the name of the builders and also once you are sure of your ground I suggest that you start putting reviews up on trust pilot and Google and elsewhere.
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    yes. capitalisation is welcomes word for interest .so not reclaimable reject DD fees too are ok to reclaim defaults sum fee int CAN be inc
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    You say that what you received was a "draft contract". What makes you say that the contract was "draft"? You say that you terminated the contract in writing "approximately" 12 to 13 days of receiving it. Please could you be precise about the number of days. An approximation is completely unhelpful here. Once you give us the exact number of days, please will you explain why you are so certain that it is that number. Please could you post up a draft contract in scanned PDF format
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    Not a valid excuse for theft.. but rlp can do zilch to you.
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    don't forget our custom google search too. hit the top squares logo and scroll down a bit.
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    couple of points to do immediatetly. you have numbered every line rather than every point you are wanting to make. That makes sense but it may be better then to label each point A, B etc so you can the exampe refered to point B starting on line 23 and it will be obvious that it is a separate argument fro the line above. also the latin term for no right to bring a claim is LOCUS STANDI or locus in standi- get the spelling right. The cases you have cited need to have the reports as parts of your evidence bundle. The other thing I would do is relook at the order you want to present things so it tells a story that flows well so to that end your line 1 onwards should go immediately after line 9 or 17. It wont hurt to repeat yourself to deny being the driver at the time etc if it means that you first give your side of events as a witness and then trash their claim. Currently you have the basic info but it is a bit bitty. You also need to include reference points to all of your other evidence so you will need simple labels for then so lease docs will be annexe M ( somehting that isnt used in the main statement), the signage annexe N and so forth. lastly you need to chuck the kitchen sink in as well so read more court reports and even where the cases are not the same as yours use then if there is a mention of any procedural matter that you want to mention so more POFA cases, anything on trespass and harassment ( there is a big one to cite) and plenty where the parking co issued ticket to owner of land and they had to pay damages. There is one that was a cause celebre on this site a while back so look through old UKPC threads about 4 years ago.
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    Start off by sending them an SAR in order to get information about your entire involvement and what you signed up to. When you get that information, come back here. 6 1/2 years sounds an awful long time
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    just reply that you now refuse mediation as he debt is statute barred nothing to mediate over hasn't hurt you much
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    You can’t do an enhanced DBS check on yourself. If you don’t declare it and the Home Office find it and conclude you have been dishonest in your declaration : almost certain refusal, and potentially an exclusion period, too. That'd be way worse than declaring it. If you declare it & get accepted, it can’t later “come back to bite you”.
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    I think you’ll find not all universities being considered equal predates any privitisation. 40 years ago a degree from Oxbridge was seen as more desirable than a degree of the same classification, in the same subject, from a non “red brick”. Nothing to do with privitisation, plenty to do with perception of quality (even if it is perception rather than fact).
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    Yes they also have 30 days to comply before considering litigation
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    Let them spout and don't tell them that you have recorded the call until its nearly ended and you have said you are logging date and time of all calls as they are in breach of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 Prohibition of harassment. (1)A person must not pursue a course of conduct— (a)which amounts to harassment of another, and (b)which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other. [F1(1A)A person must not pursue a course of conduct — (a)which involves harassment of two or more persons, and (b)which he knows or ought to know involves harassment of those persons, and (c)by which he intends to persuade any person (whether or not one of those mentioned above)— (i)not to do something that he is entitled or required to do, or (ii)to do something that he is not under any obligation to do.]
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    copy the questions here answer each at end. dx
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    did we ever get all the statements from welcome via sar from day one on both this and the loan is refinanced was it? so they get their money anyway when you sell.
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    All submitted with your above suggestion, I will keep this thread updated with any developments. Thank you so much for your help on this dx, a credit to this site
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    Just to show you, this is their FCA status. http://fca-consumer-credit-interim.force.com/CS_RegisterSearchPageNew?accId=627201 Lapsed interim registration. They just send template chasing letters out. If the foreign creditor wants to enforce the debt in the UK, they can apply to UK courts. UK Courts are quite helpful to foreign creditors, so yes it is possible they could try. But you would recieve a claim from the court, which you could defend and only if you lost could the debt be enforced. Even then, you could apply through the court to make affordable payments to the creditor.
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