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    all sites are bound to have teething issues, especially when you upgrade from one platform to another. You cant make all changes on a test forum and transfer over, as the backends could be different, plus people are still making and replying to posts all the time. Believe me, been there and done it, many a time. On multi million pound websites. it may seen straightforward to the layman, but sadly web development is never that straightforward. For this site, its even more compounded as the old webmaster is sadly no longer with us, so any code he made has to be translated and interpreted by the new one, and if its not optimized code it can be very difficult to work through as the slightest change could impact something totally irrelevant.
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    just type no need to keep hitting quote, it just makes the thread twice as long to scroll through to find you reply. its not for you to prove its not statute barred by for link to do it. if you wanted to be really funny with them , use the address of the grave yard or the cremation parlour that was used!! hope you don't mind the humour but link are thick as 2 short planks, they don't care who pays it, there must be a mug out there somewhere we can fleece.
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    I don't have specific experience of any sort of permit scheme but I do of taking on a council highways department. It got as far as a court on The Strand in London and I won. To be fair they caved halfway through the second day, as we returned from lunch my counsel was approached by theirs with the magic words 'could I have a moment of your time'. I count it as a win, it cost them a ridiculous amount of money It got that far because stupid little people working for councils honestly believe they can say what they want, do what they want, tell outright lies, go to extraordinary lengths to intimidate the people they are paid to serve. They aren't used to people standing up to them and they get away with it 99.9% of time. As others have said, you need to check your status carefully and then hit them. Get legal advice - not from some small town solicitor but from a big firm. I was lucky, someone pointed me to the right people. Don't be intimidated, don't believe a single word of what you're told by any council employee. They are the equivalent of every miserable call centre monkey you've ever dealt with. The brightest minds aren't attracted to council jobs after all.
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    Permitbay - I haven't commented so far, as I don't know where you stand. But reading the above I really think you are in the wrong place to get sound advice. If I were you I would get some advice from a qualified lawyer. I don't know the ins and outs of this, except to point out that you cannot legally obstruct the highway, or (I believe) any public right of way.
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    I think the OP just needs to be reassured here. Never Happen The bailiff does not even have any powers at this point, and after such a time he would have to apply to the court under CPR83, to have a warrant issued, which after 13 years they would be V unlikely to issue.
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    It was a lot easier to use CAG with the old format. Now when you do New or Unread Posts you only get several posts coming up. If you click on a post to read it, when you are finished and click to go out, it takes you to the top of the page of new posts and you have to scroll down to find the one that you have just viewed. Must a admit I don't personally like the drab colours associated with the pages.
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    Yes very good news in deed! 5.5 million they raked inlast year.....not bad for a run down filty car park that towers above a derelict shopping centre. One of the only restaurant owners left on the edge ofthe precinct got a 100.00 charge and why? .....because his passenger wheels were touching the white line. BUT on that particular side was the ticket machine so he was not stopping anyone parking there or depriving them of income.....but still got 100.00 from him. Just sickening to see them getting away with it. So glad i stuck with it.
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    You could simply have a few stickies that contain/collate listed links for certain individual benefits. Going to be a lot of crossover so a simple link to the answer/thread/post and everything is good! It's not (5 banning points awarded by a mod - insert favourite word about sex beginning with f here) rocket science? Although the ing at the end might be stone cold Olympic Ice skating 10! Rightsnet up dated not long ago and did a very good job of it. Here whilst I'm neither here nor there I'd love to see the disability impact study you did of this change????
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    I'd usually urge anybody to appeal as they have nothing to lose (however I appreciate that ship has all but sailed now anyway). However, as Honeybee has said, the whole idea behind having to produce the ticket itself rather than the receipt, is that tickets are non-transferable, and anybody could have been using your ticket. That unfortunately means the Penalty Fare Notice was correctly issued. I'm not judge and jury, however In this situation too, I'm reluctant to urge you to appeal, because you just seemed to want to pull a fast one anyway, and to be fair, got off quite likely. Bohemian23 won't be in any other bother as the matter has been dealt with. If it hadn't been paid in full, theoretically the train company could cancel the Penalty Fare and progress the matter to court if new evidence had come to light, but I've never known this to happen.
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    Hi CAG, after a bit of advice on a debt of my mums. She had a Santander credit card taken out in 2004, she defaulted on payments and was stupidly making payments to a DCA until March 18. Rob Way are acting on behalf of the original creditor. I sent a CCA request on her behalf and they returned an incomplete CCA - they sent 1) Recon Agreement with no signature and incomplete 2) Statements 3) How to use your card leaflet This morning she says she has received a letter from a soloicitors regarding this debt, I am trying to get a copy of it and as soon as I can I will upload. I will also upload the docs I received for the CCA less the statements My main question which I should know by now, am I correct in saying the CCA is incomplete and they are in default due to the lack of Signature and also incomplete terms? Also what is my next action ? Ignore? Forgot to say my mum is in Northern Ireland. Thanks
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    I think this new site is better the more you use it. Of course it takes getting use to and will be tweaked to improve. Have gone through so many computer changes personal and work, that I no longer become stressed out, accepting the challenge of learning to navigate the new system.
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    can The original firm has gone out of business so I'd guess your chance of any redress against them is zero. When a firm closes down voluntarily (eg the partners retire) they are supposed to ensure another firm takes over outstanding business. No doubt the new firm in this case will blame the old firm for any delays. If you think you have grounds for complaint - and if the amount of lost interest etc is worth it - you could complain to the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Agency). From what you say I'm doubtful whether that's worth the effort, but only you judge that. As Executors I think they have an obligation to pay all interest earned on your Uncle's Estate to the residual beneficiaries because Executors have a general fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries. But I couldn't point you to any specific bit of law that spells that out. These articles might be of interest. They confirm that the Executors have a legal duty to provide a copy of the Estate Accounts to the Residuary Beneficiaries. https://www.co-oplegalservices.co.uk/media-centre/articles-sept-dec-2018/what-are-estate-accounts/ https://www.co-oplegalservices.co.uk/media-centre/articles-jan-apr-2017/can-a-beneficiary-of-a-will-see-the-estate-accounts/ Your best course of action, now that the solicitors have finally woken up and are getting on with it, is probably to co-operate with whatever they are asking and keep pushing them. There is no point in getting into legal dispute with the solicitors, which would be paid for out of what's left of the Estate, if the remaining Estate is worth next to nothing. The remaining assets would just disappear in legal fees.
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    I'd probably have everything checked thoroughly before moving in and signing any agreement that states the above. I'd think most people would sign this agreement without reading it, and for all you know, there may be an ongoing issue with the plumbing. In the event you move out, they would shaft you for any repair costs. Or they at least would try. I'd probably seek clarity where this paragraph is concerned. It's quite vague, and I'd want to know what exactly they are assigning you responsibility for the repair of? It sounds to me like they're referring to any white goods that are located within the property, which belong to the landlord? But it could relate to something other. I'd say that if it relates to white goods, it wouldn't be your responsibility to maintain and repair them. There the two things that stick out to me, and they both look like having the potential to cause you heartache - Was there anything else in particular you were concerned about?
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    see any claimform thread here this is what you should have been doing in your downtimes ..research on whats next
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    Wow this LL seems an absolute chancer. Does he seriously think that all of that is Tenant responsibility? A lot of that is a joke such as 18, 32 and 33 it goes on. So did you take any photos on check in and/or check out yourself? Did the landlord provide you with a check in report or inventory when you first moved in? I doubt it if the deposit isn't even protected.
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    I can drive your car with your permission as I have third party insurance A police officer or a soldier under orders may drive your car without your permission. They may even lawfully shoot you if you try to stop them. None of this concerns the parking co, they just wander about on private land where you dont need car tax or insurance. Now the POFA sets conditions that the parking co's have to work to or they cant claim a penny from you or anyone else either. By appealing you give away the protections in law that are there isf they get things wrong. However, a dca has no interest in anything, they are not bailiffs, they dopnt own the debt and cant successfully sue you i you point out they have no locus. So, whatever happened at court onmonday has no bearing on this. Now you cant appeal to POPLA as you are too late. UKPC are not honest and therefore I would suggest that you go back to the car park when you cabn and take pictures of the signage at the entrance to the land from the public highway and take pictures of the entrance even if there are no signs, take pictures of any different signs within the car park itself and take pictures of where your vehicle was parked so a comparison can be made to their evidence on the NTK they sent you through the post. UKPC are not beyond fabricating evidence, they ahve been censured several times before for doing so
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    Its no good being sorry and referring them to a link to start all over. You work there, go get someone to fulfil your legal requirements. He could even start small claims against E-on and win.
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    Yup, I agree with you about Parcel2Go. This is why they need to be challenged again and again in the County Court. So far, as far as I can recall, we have never lost against them.
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    Yes, so it turns out that we don't really know what has happened at all. If you have been slammed – then who was it? Did you actually end up in a contract with the new supplier? I'm not sure if it still goes on but a few years ago slamming happened a great deal. It seemed to have been accepted throughout the industry – even by the big players like British Telecom. There were industry agreements which simply meant that if they were approached by another supplier, then they honoured that suppliers instruction to close you down and to transfer your service without any authority from the customer. It was assumed that the new supplier had obtained this authority. In fact this wasn't the case. I don't know what happened but I can imagine that unscrupulous employees were selling off data to unscrupulous suppliers who would then use the slack systems and not worry about data breaches in order to get customers transferred from their existing suppliers. Of course, it is entirely possible that the cancellation occurred as a result of a move – but even that would be recently easy to defend against based on what I have seen in TalkTalk's terms and conditions. Although you have tried to lay out methodically – I'm afraid it's still not massively clear. Did you have one move or two moves? For some reason or other it occurs to me that you had two moves and that in one move they transferred without any difficulty and in the second move we have the issue cancellation – which may or may not have coincided with you being slammed. Who was the new supplier and did you use them? By the way, have you filed an acknowledgement of service? You should do this immediately
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    Well unless they suddenly wake up, once the judgment is obtained, there is nothing to stop you going ahead. Also send a copy of the judgment to the ICO as part of a complaint.
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    As soon as you get the judgement, send them another letter of claim and tell them that their breach of statutory duty is continuing and you are proposing to issue a claim against them within 14 days.
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    If he is going to have to pay then best to get in first and submit Form N245 to the Court where his disposable income - if any - and could end up offering £5 per month to them. They well may object but the Court will have the final say whether they like it or not and as long as payments are made on time - they can of course apply every 6 months or so to increase it but if things haven't changed then tough on them. The Form can be dowloaded and would probably assume he would qualify to have the application fee waived - see Form EX160 for this. The Court Form has a simple I&E that must be filled out. Forgot to mention if they have applied for a Warrant then the N245 is a dual purpose form that allows you to apply to suspend the Warrant.
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    but CEL say it is Tollgate rd. Now that is the addrss for the nursery but does that accurately identify the land? This moot popit wont win you the war but show CEL have been slapdash elsewhere and the rest of what they say this is true will carry little weight and small things like this just add to the weight of your arguments. Pictures of signs and ANPR system please.
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    Hi AA99 Take a look at https://www.judiciary.uk/you-and-the-judiciary/going-to-court/advice-for-lips/ Best wishes Vic xxx
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    The chances are it has been delivered but Track & Trace not updated.
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    you have had more than one private parking ticket and should be able to rwead up on this for yourself rather than asking us the same questions every time. that will be your homework for this weekend, I will mark it for you next week
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    as already said, their failure to respond to the CPR can be used against them but you dont wait for it, you can still use that stick later. Your outline defence is fine, no need to add the detail you have suggested, it may tie you to a particular point that isnt that important and thus lead you down a blind alley. Your photo may well completely stuff them later when the lack of breach is expanded upon but is part of only 1 facet of your argument a general point is good at this juncture. Now what Mrs O'Frog has pointed out is that you can rubbish the wording for the claim as for example not saying whether it is for money due as a contractual agreement or for breach of contract, the POC is too vague to show a cause for action against you as it failed to say in what capacity you are being sued etc. again this wont be a magic bulelt but it will usually cause the judge to look at their claim with a jaundiced eye and make them prove every aspect of it, esp if they have employed a solicitor to prosecute it as they should know what is what That will place you at a slight advantage on the day if it gets as far as a hearing.
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    And the good news is, if you need to get credit or a mortgage, they can't see them either.
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    Send the Scottish sb letter in his name from wherever he left the earth. you should never have written or replied in the first place. for future readers..TAKE NOTE!!
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    https://www.stepchange.org/debt-info/dmp-and-credit-score.aspx Its rather irritating when creditors default when they like and not actually at the time of the breach.......rather than follow the ICO Guidelines on recording default data and really makes a mockery of the Statute of Limitations Act
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    password CD is normal unless you ask for it to be on paper. Most default to paper, but to save ink/paper/environment etc they go on cd
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    Hi Hi Just my take: Chief Executive Newham Council Address Dear XXXXXXXXXX Formal Complaint Further to my Formal Complaint letter about Anti Social Behaviour dated xx/xx/2019 which you received on xx/xx/2019 (proof of receipt enclosed). As this has now passed your Stage 1 Time Limit (20 days)(https://www.newham.gov.uk/Pages/Services/Complaints-process.aspx) without even an acknowledgement of my Complaint letter dated xx/xx/2019. I now require my Formal Complaint to be moved to Stage 2 of the Complaints Process due to the above. (if there is a link to this on the councils website post that link here otherwise delete) I also now require copies of the following: 1. Newham Council Noise Policy (not the leaflet) 2. Newham Council Anti-Social Behaviour Policy (not the leaflet) 3. Newham Council Complaints Policy (not the leaflet) 5. Newham Council Customer Care Policy (not the leaflet) 6. Newham Council Equality & Diversity Policy (not the leaflet) (check there website some of these may be there, remember to delete this)
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    thread title updated for clarity of issue moved to the LLoyds forum
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    Hello First of all please tell your family member that they are a worthy human being. Also, it is not against the law, or immoral to have debts, or for money matters to get out of control. It should not be allowed to get in the way of the important task of enjoying life and the few days that we have here. Also (IMPORTANT), they should not let a bunch of crummy debt collection agencies who have no real power damage their well being or mental health. The real immorality is that the original lenders, for the most part, created money out of thin air on the hard disks of their computer systems and encouraged your family member to get more and more into debt. It is part of their business model. Another part of their business model is that they expect a proportion of those debts to fail and their back up plan is to sell those failing debts to a debt buyer/debt collection agency for a few pence in the pound and write off the rest against the tax they would otherwise pay. Having invented the money in the first place they have made a profit from the increasing interest and fees then got the full amount of the "loss" back, leaving your family member in misery. The good news is that even though it seems like a lot of money, for the most part, it will be possible to shed most of it. The most important debt is the CCJ as that potentially allows High Court Enforcement Officers (Bailiffs) to pursue the debt and that can cause problems to sensitive or vulnerable people. Be aware that a Debt Collector Company is not a Bailiff and has no power over your relative or anybody else. For example, if Bob lends some money to Bill who won't pay it back he can ask for Bill to pay it back by phone or letter. If he refuses then Bob can ask Jack to ask Bill to pay it back by phone or letter. If Bill refuses to pay Jack or even speak to him or write to him then there is nothing Jack can do. In this case, Bob is the bank, Jack is the Debt Collection Agency and Bill is your relative. The Debt Collection Companies however official or intimidating they may seem actually have exactly the same power and status as Jack, which is to say none. However, if the Bank (or Bob) goes to Court and gets a County Court Judgement(CCJ) then that can potentially be chased by a Bailiff and could cause a problem. With regard to the suggestion of Bankruptcy, I think you do not need to go near it. Why would you pay out your good money to make yourself bankrupt? If any of the creditors want to take that action let them spend the many hundreds of pounds it will take and then share the pittance of your relative's resources with all the other creditors. They will talk of bankruptcy but never do it, don't do it for them! What you now need is an Action Plan so I suggest the following as a starting point: 1. Make sure your relative does not destroy any more correspondence but instead forwards it to you. If they don't want to read it then no matter, you read it and handle it for them. 2. For each of the bills create a folder (2 x pack of 10 from WH Smith, 12 debts so 8 left over!). 3. As correspondence arrives file it and keep it in date order in each file. 4. For each of the debts create a spreadsheet (actually one spreadsheet with 12 tabs if you know how) and have a column for the Date and then a description of what arrived). E.G. chasing letter, offer letter, Solicitors letter, Solicitors Letter Before Action and so on. Identify what kind of correspondence it is so you can decide if it is important and needs dealing with. 5. An important consideration here is when the Debts were last acknowledged. By this I mean when did your relative last accept that the money was owed either by paying a bill towards the debt or possibly writing to discuss the debt or maybe filling in a form supplied by one of the creditors. This is because the law says that if no legal action has been taken after a period of six years (five in Scotland) then no legal action can be taken at all. This is known as the Statute of Limitations. It is possible some of these debts are over six years old and if you can prove that by reference to when the last bill was paid for example then some of the debts can be discarded straight away. At the time of writing any debt that was not paid or otherwise acknowledged prior to 6th March 2013 (2014 if you are in Scotland) is unenforceable. 6. This next bit may be controversial and may be challenged by other CAGERS but my strategy moving on would be to open each piece of correspondence to identify what kind of letter it is. For the most part, they will either be threat letters or offer letters and can safely be ignored and safely filed just in case. I would never speak to a debt collector and I would never write to a Debt Collector either by mail or email in response to these types of letters. I would not communicate AT ALL. Let them keep sending them, and you keep filing them. As long as they are doing that then they are achieving nothing. I have files of these letters from my own creditors and I have a collection which I sometimes show to people with the same pride as others show their stamp collections!! This worked for me across about 15 accounts of mine and others till they all went Statutory barred. (Only one account went for Legal Action and with the great help of CAG they had to withdraw their case before it got to Court because they had no documentation that could prove to the court that they were entitled to the debt. Even had they produced it then it would be possible to challenge it on technical grounds. 7. If a letter comes that is threatening Court Action commonly called a Letter Before Action or something similar that may have to be treated differently. This letter can only come from either the original lender or the business that bought the debt. In that case come back onto the thread and advise the group what the letter is and you will likely get advice about what to do next. (As a general rule come onto the Thread whenever you receive any letter so it can be identified for what it is, until you get the hang of it). 8. As the Scottish Power debt is for another address there is no danger of a warrant for disconnection being applied for at the current address. However, if your relative has Scottish Power in their current address it may be wise to switch to another provider just in case they try something like attaching the old debt to the new debt. 9. However, the CCJ is a potentially important problem and has to be dealt with. Try and find out what it is for and get a copy of the original judgement. It may not have been enforced (which means the creditor may not have asked the Court or a Bailiff to chase it) but if they do it will become uncomfortable for your relative. Get on top of that quickly. Steps 1-9 are I think a good starting point. You should come back onto this thread with details of any further letters that arrive as soon as you have them so that CAGers can advise you as to how serious they are and what steps may be necessary. In summary remember, it is not a crime or immoral to be in debt, probably 80-90% of the correspondence, and most if not all of the debt can eventually be discarded and should be done without shame or remorse. It is the task of the Creditor to prove they owe it by legal means and their worry, not the worry of your relative. Once you start taking the steps above it will come under control and recede as a threat. Good Luck! Although I am experienced I am not an expert in all things and I invite other CAGers to comment on my post and chip in.
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    HX are gladdys favourite client at the moment, they spend a lot on going to court and havent been put off by having to shell out for losing cases as a result of the rubbish advice and strategy used by the solicitors. as you are new to this I will point out that the owners of Gladstones are the same peopel who own the trade association, the IPC. Now this menas they know what the parking co is supposed to do so i would direct yu to the IPC site so you can loo up what they say about grace periods before a ticket or demand is issued. When you have copied it out you can sue that to go back to gladstones and tell them that you know thye are the same Will and John who run the IPC but seem to be quite happy to encourage ther clients to breach the rules THEY invented just to make a couple of quid writing threatening letters. also let them know that you know the BPA do enforce their Code of Practice and any honest parking co would have never have issued a PCN in the first place because they would have some sort of quality control in place to prevent such spurious demands getting as far as the post room. You will be delighted to relieve their client of a wad of money for their unreasonable conduct when you defeat their claim Once you have the part of their code of practice that mentions grace period then you send the above to Gladstones and copy it to HX so they know they will be footing the bill for a misadventure rather than making some easy money. this letter also fulfils the pap so they cnat claim you have just .ignored them when the truth is you have not responded as you hold them in contempt
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    What help options have you explored in terms of your housing situation? CAB? Shelter? Contact your local Councillor about the council tax in light of your housing situation, you might be on the priority housing list. There must be options? Other than 2 people who have worked their whole lives, sofa surfing.
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    Which is why only 62 people went to prison for Council tax non payment in 2016/2017. Out of all the hundreds of thousands of people in arrears.
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    https://ceoemail.com/ Send to Jes and Ashok
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    I wasn't a great fan of the old site layout. I prefer the look and feel of this new site, keep up the good work. Hopefully these sort of errors are temporary Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 and Sorry, there is a problem Please wait 4 seconds before attempting another search Error code: 1C205/3
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    powerless...already told you what to do in my last post..
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    just to add another little pointer, it is against te DCA's code of Practice to threaten things like knackerimg your credit or bankruptcy as a menas of pressuring you to pay up. They know this but as no=-one is going to chuck them in prison for it they will carry on regardless. Let them earn their £15 sending out taradiddles ans ignore all of them, thye ahve no powers to do anything ar all despite some of their more ludicrous claims when you do play letter tennis with them. the other thing you should ask yourself is whne did you sign a credit agreeemtn with these bandits that allows them to add unicorn food tax to the original bill? they are not bailiffs so cnat add a bean to the debt but again they rely on your ignoance to make you think they have some powers they dont.
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    Hi SoS, DX is right - you should just ignore the demands and threats from Harlands/CRS and not reply to them at all. Harlands/CRS will see any response from you as being a good reason to keep sending you demands and threats. Ignore demands and any phone calls. Keep us posted though.
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    yes will be against the underwriters if you have no paperwork then an sar to asenden might be in order. don't just send blind PPI reclaim letters get info 1st and use the FCA PPI website fos form and a spreadsheet. type iin Norton ppi in our search CAG box of the top red toolbar and read up how to do this
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    It does though. Youre just asking the same questions for peace of mind. Thats ok. But some people will get a tad miffed if they have to answer the same one over and over.

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