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  1. You say “there was no collision” : but clearly there was! Expect the van driver to say “I was overtaking when the car pulled out from lane 1 into my path. I tried to brake but they had left me insufficient time / room”. Do you have rear dash cam footage? Did the van have a dashcam? Any footage may be available via the insurers.
  2. Nothing stopping you contacting a no win no fee Solicitors to see if they are willing to take this on for you. But before you do so, I would suggest that you ask the Insurers to disclose all information they have about the accident claim, as you will be looking to appoint your own Solicitors to pursue a claim against the third party.
  3. You're not a trader. The Jaguar was your own private property and nothing to do with your trade. Your status as a consumer is useful but only has a marginal effect because even if this was a trader to trader contract, the result would probably be the same. As long as you didn't misrepresent the car in any way then I tend to agree with CAB that the dealer doesn't have an argument and he will have to accept the car in the condition that he bought it. As you already understand, he is a professional – holding out some kind of professional expertise. He had an opportunity to inspect the car and it was his decision not to and once again as long as you didn't mislead him then he is going to have to accept the consequences of his poor judgement. I expect that this thread may receive some visits from people who feel rather triumphant about this situation because generally speaking it is the consumer who gets the bad deal and it is the dealer who tries to avoid their obligations. In this case it seems that the dealer has gotten the bad deal and far from avoiding your obligations, you have no obligations. However we do have a problem here and that is that the dealer undertook to settle the finance on the Jaguar. Why did this happen? Did you get this in writing? If the dealer decides that they is not going to settle the finance then we will have to help you sort this out. Of course the dealer would be making a very serious mistake if this is what they did. Have you any inkling as to what the dealer is proposing to do? Have you had anything in writing from the dealer? Have you had any exchanges in writing with the dealer?
  4. neither am I LOL Quote of the day: “But I thought they Got Brexit Done?” - Daily Mirror political editor Pippa Crerar pokes fun at the government over the never-ending protocol saga.
  5. You also need to read up on permitted expenses as UC rules are different to HMRC rules. Is it a hackney taxi or private hire? Hackney allows all vehicle expenses to be claimed, however a private taxi will only allow the mileage to be claimed, which includes a figure for your insurance etc. Once the income and expenditure has been declared, you can then bank any amount for your holiday pay, but be careful not to go over the savings threshold for UC. See How to report your earnings from self-employment - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK
  6. Of course this is very unusual in that we here have a dealer who is claiming they have been ripped off by a customer. I'm afraid it's not at all clear from your post, exactly what your position is. Are you in possession of the new car? Please can you tell us a bit about both cars – the old one and the new one. Make, mileage, what was paid, the allowance made on your old part exchange vehicle. Of course I think we would like to know the name of the dealer. Also, what is your status in this? Are you a consumer or is this a business/work vehicle? I don't understand why there should be two finance deals on the go You talk about the "delete" not having replied. I take it that you mean the "dealer". If you have the new vehicle and the finance agreement is in place then I don't understand what it is you are waiting for. I think you need to read over what you have written in your first post – maybe get somebody else to read it and see if they understand it and once you realise that it could be presented in a more structured and detailed way, maybe you could do that. Then we will be in a position to give you advice.
  7. Absolutely the correct result. Well done just be careful that later on some bean counter doesn't like to see that you are now eating into your new mileage allowance.
  8. Thank you for the kind words I read through your earlier suggestion word for word when the Judge asked me for my version of events. I added a section about costs which I read out to the judge. I also answered any additional questions. It was short and to the point.
  9. So just had an email today confirming that I will be allowed 416 miles per month mileage until the new car arrives and not have to pay the additional 7.5pm per mile
  10. If anyone has anymore feedback that would be great as my response deadline is fast approaching. Many thanks
  11. I appealed based on that there was no proof I had prior warning. I actually got two fines (as I travelled back the same way) again I appealed as the photo showed the signage obscured by a tree) I have jet to receive a response made 3 weeks ago.
  12. Hi All Just an update on my appeal regarding the fact that this is a bus gate but is not set up as one. I hadn't hear a thing from Islington, have just called them and apprently the ticket was cancelled on 28th Feb. Marvellous. I've asked for a copy of the letter which I obviously haven't received yet, but will post it here when I do for future reference. I'm chuffed, no need for an adjudicator!
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