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  1. Possibly so...but the more you can find and research to prove that it isn't an exact copy of your agreement the better. I downloaded the copy from page 1...works fine.
  2. You know.. at the time a parachute account was suggested to me, I was going to ask for your advice as to which bank I should choose but it also seemed like such a simple thing I can do myself. I know there are no stupid questions, but I wanted to do as much as I could myself given how much effort you guys expend on here helping people. Bah! ok well I still have time to change my bank details before I get my first pay at the end of Oct. You guys made me feel much better about my situation when I first posted and certainly every post I read from you lot gives me more and more confidence with how I'm dealing with this. Naturally, and as promised, with my first pay I will be donating, I just wish I could buy you all a beer.
  3. I wouldn't advise you sending two letters of claim in respect of different matters. That will simply confuse them and if you do end up bringing actions for them the actions are likely to be merged. I'm making the suggestion of litigating on the continuing breach as a way of harassing them. A new SAR can be sent later on with the prospect of a further action if they breach that as well. However if it is correct that they have already had a judgement – even though it is a default judgement – in respect of an SAR breach and they still haven't remedy that breach then it seems to me that they are bang to rights to have the matter emphasised by a second claim in respect of the same SAR. Of course play it how you want it – but I think that my approach would be a death of a thousand cuts until they finally get themselves together and decide either to start talking or else to sort things out. Don't forget the you are talking about potentially 200 quid a pop – and that's not so bad for the moment and every victory is at least a moral victory – and that is worth something.
  4. Paras 14.10 and 14.11 of Santander's amended defence state quite clearly that the "remaining balance" on the claimant's account is only in the region of £620. Presumably this means that >£3k (the difference between the amount claimed and this "remaining balance") has been transferred out of the account - or has otherwise disappeared. But so far as I can tell, Santander do not explain where that money has gone. (If they had transferred it into some sort of control account pending the outcome of any investigation, I would have expected them to mention this in their defence so that the court would be able to follow the trail of the money). Does the OP know why there is a discrepancy between the amount they say was in the account, and the amount Santander says is now in there?
  5. Thank you HB. Apologies for the lack of updates. I wanted to update the thread today with the latest progress and where I am at currently with all these accounts to hopefully help other people in the future. Ok here goes: I decided to allow all the accounts to go into a default state, with the exception of the debt owed to my current bank as I wanted to continue using it temporarily for mortgage payments etc before I could get my parachute account in order, I have now stopped payments to them too. I have 3 loans: Tesco Bank £8600 remaining - Default notice received 29/09 with a request to pay in full MBNA £4350 remaining - Default notice received 28/09 and credit agreement ended, requested to pay in full Halifax (my current bank account provider) £13,000 remaining - Only missed one payment as of sept due to my commented above reason. I have 5 credit cards with remaining balances: Tesco Bank £8750 - Default notice received 10/09, still offering repayment options after clearing arrears M&S Bank £9100 - Default notice received 29/09, still offering repayment options after clearing arrears MBNA £11000 - Letter threatening default notice and ending the credit agreement but they are still requesting payment of arrears as of today Virgin £4000 - Still chasing arrears, nott default notice yet Halifax £2800 - Only missed one payment as of sept due to my commented above reason. So, there has been movement across all my accounts in the 'right' direction. My mortgage company would not give a holiday due it 'not being part of my product' - I actually found this quite disturbing.. they stated that all missed payments would be treated as such and there was no other options. Even if I submit to an income and expenditure with reduced payments, all would be treated as missed payments where a full month payment isn't covered!, disgraceful in my opinion but hey, who am I to moan. For all those reading and wondering why I took it in this direction - I want to pay these debts, but I also would like to pay them in full at a reduced rate due to size of them, I know that sometimes OC's are quick(ish) to sell the debt onto a DCA where I feel I would be better placed for a reduced settlement. I knew I would get re-employed and if I could postpone the payments and save the money, I would then have the ability to actually pay some off 'in full' at a reduced rate where possible. I guess a question I have for you gurus of CAG is, for the now defaulted accounts, is it time to suggest a token payment plan? I don't want to pay more than I have to, regardless of my current salary because I want them to realize the debt wont get cleared with token payments and suggest a reduced settlement, is this sound logic? it seems that trying to clear these debts now they are defaulted would be a waste of time and money as either way, they should now drop off in 6 years, or go further with court in which case I deal with those on an individual basis.. any criticism or advice very much welcome. On a positive note, I start new employment on Monday and as I say above, I will be saving as much as possible for the time when they might accept a reduced settlement. I will not be paying them anymore than minimum even though I could maybe afford it because the damage is done now. Thanks in advance
  6. James O'Brien on LBC explains why some of us might have been a bit confused recently about government messaging. It's a great analysis IMHO. "Everybody who warned Project Fear was going to happen was shouted down by the people now in power. "Before your very eyes the Government are saying the predictions were right - and it was part of our plan. https://twitter.com/i/status/1445378612585185282
  7. Apologies for my silence for so long. I have submitted my complaint to the Ombudsman who initially found in my favour but Ashadegreener have appealed and I'm waiting for final verdict.
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