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  1. Imagine Tim Martin and Boris down the local Wetherspoons looking to sink a few pints to celebrate Brexit. Only problem is that partly due to Brexit, they are running out of beer ! Is the Brexit dividend, the heatlh benefit from people drinking less alcohol ? Beer shortages at Wetherspoon as Brexit and Covid hit supply chains WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Carling and Coors off the menu as lorry driver crisis continues
  2. Loan Ref; xxxxxxxx Regard this as a Formal Complaint in relation to irresponsible lending, Unlawful charges, Car repossession, dealing with financial and mental difficulty in relation to the above referenced account . I bring to your attention that you have irresponsibly lent to me because you did not do appropriate checks. The charges that you have applied to the account are unfair and unreasonable in total you have added £884 in total charges to a loan of £1000. There are charges on the account that are not specified at pre contract stage and are excessive of reasonable costs. I also demand that you investigate the behaviour and practices of xxxxxxxx the third party company instructed with repossession of the vehicle, The agent knocked on neighbours doors to see if I was at home, demanded payment without proof of bill of sale, alleged attempted assault and refused to accept payment as his Manager clearly just wanted the car, removing the vehicle with no notification and no opportunity to remove personal belongings. Despite advising you of financial difficulty/unemployment/severe anxiety/stress/pregnancy/partially deaf. You did not treat me fairly and appropriately and carried on with recovery of debt in total breach of PRIN 6 You ignored messages of offering payments and asking what was happening with the account. I did advise you I was partially deaf and you kept on trying to call me as opposed to email/message. Due to the above I demand that you reverse/credit all charges and interest to the account and revert to the financial position before the loan transaction took place. I also demand substantial compensation for the unfair treatment I have received ,in breach of the guidelines, by yourselves, contained within both CONC, and the CCTA code of practice. Should you chose to reject my Complaint, then I will not hesitate to forward the entire matter to the office of the Financial Ombudsman Service. I look forward to your early, positive response.
  3. That is good news for you. That has probably saved several months of begging letters and a possible court case before Excel finally get their come uppance. Interesting that this is the second cancellation from two different companies on the same day. Sadly I doubt that this will become anything like the norm until we rid ourselves of the crooks that run these parking companies.
  4. Well done. That is good news. Not quite sure why they have cancelled the PCN-they haven't got the brains to work it out by themselves what they did wrong. I suspect there may have been a court case where the same mistake was made and they have decided not to risk another kicking in Court.
  5. Had to hide post with pdf shows your ad top left of t &cs
  6. Lotte would be offended by your reference Her hips were never that big, nor was her looks or character ever that bad, her spirit that treacherous or evil, or her blades ever that backstabbing
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