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  1. A quick up date Have received an email from their welfare department. They found he wasnt rude to me. Throwing a letter at me addressed to the debtor and telling me to read it to get information off of it wasnt rude? They told me to contact Essex Magistrates Court, Im unaware that this court even exists, Ive done a search. She stated that an external investigation team gave them the details of the debtor. Apparently this was her last known address. Not sure how they come up with this information as I found her on 192.com after she had vacated this property. No information on where he was certificated, however I managed to find that out. Ive escalated my complaint and requested the footage.
  2. I've had a look at the WS-usual drivel of lies, misdirection etc. using their numbers listed on their WS I will point out what I can see is wrong with their case. The Contract 7] There can be no contract. Under the Airports Act 1986 63 2[d] (d) for regulating vehicular traffic anywhere within the airport, except on roads within the airport to which the road traffic enactments apply, and in particular (with that exception) for imposing speed limits on vehicles within the airport and for restricting or regulating the parking of vehicles or their use for any purpose or in any manner specified in the byelaws; the roads at all airports are either covered by the Road Traffic Act or the airport Byelaws. Thus it is not relevant land and VCS do not have any power to issue PCNs on it regardless of having a contract with the East Midlands airport. In any event EMA are NOT the landowners as confirmed by airport technology "Located in the town of Castle Donington in north-west Leicestershire, East Midlands Airport is about eight miles from the city of Derby and within 20 miles of Nottingham and Leicester. It is owned by Manchester Airports Group, which is itself owned by the ten metropolitan boroughs of Greater Manchester." East Midlands Airport - Airport Technology WWW.AIRPORT-TECHNOLOGY.COM 7] It follows on therefore that VCS should know that EMA are not the owners and nor is the Manchester Airports Group and even if MAG were the owners, there is no link from them to EMA. Therefore their statement that they have a contract is false. So why Arsheed has signed that his account is truthful is beyond me. In any event a contract to be valid has to be signed by both parties. VCS has not signed. And Paul Goodwin who allegedly signed for EMA was, according to Linked in had ceased to be head of Procurement and Contracts had left that job in 2017. Furthermore the signage was there illegally. There has been no permission granted by the local council under the Town and Country [Advertisements ] Regulations 2007. This puts VCS in breach of their Code of Conduct which they signed to confirm that they complied with all legislation. It also puts them in breach of their agreement with the DVLA which should mean that they are barred from receiving data from the DVLA as confirmed by Lord Sumtion in the Parking Eye V Beavis Supreme Court which all parking companies quote that case ad nauseam regardless of its relevance. There is no question that with all these facts outlined above that VCS had no right to pursue the Defendant and has held itself up to breaching the Defendants GDPR [where even a modest breach commands around £750 being granted to the Defendant-and this is no modest breach in my opinion.] It is extremely unlikely that the paralegal will dare set foot in Court since his statement is tantamount to perjury and it is about time the abuses by parking companies @[email protected] departments was investigated. 8] Not only is there no contract here but even if there were, "No Stopping" is prohibitive and cannot be a contract. 9] there was no contract to enter into. The land is not relevant land. VCS are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the Court. 10 & 11] no matter how often the Claimant talks of Terms and Conditions and the breaking of them, there was no contract involved. Breach of Contract 12] Jopson v Homeguard was a Judges' definition of what constitutes parking. VCS has a contract with the DVLA for parking matters. Stopping is not parking so VCS should not be allowed to obtain DVLA data for no parking claims. In any case the contract with EMA does not mention that VCS can take motorists to Court. I will look at their other points made tomorrow.
  3. so they have purchased the debt as long as this other letter is not entitled letter of claim.. oh well no panic no dca is a bailiff and they have zero legal powers whatsoever no matter what the debts type read him this post and get him to send then a CCA request
  4. He has added Legal Costs, which are not chargeable to any debt as he is representing himself in effect.
  5. We all know what your rights are. There is no doubt about it. Enforcing your rights is a completely different matter. If you know Noel Quail sufficiently that he is frightened of you then why do you need to go to court? What is going to happen if you get a judgement which you can't enforce? What action will you take against him then? By the way, let me guess – the MOT station is MA autos Log in to Facebook WWW.FACEBOOK.COM Log in to Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family and people you know.
  6. ......... my complaint, the decision by the on this man should be considered as vitiated ......... should read ......... my complaint, the decision by the ombudsman should be considered as vitiated .........
  7. Bit of Goodish news, Just had an email @BankFodder. Have attached it below. Jenny (Packlink eBay) 17 Jun 2021, 12:49 CEST Dear customer, We acknowledge your dispute of the underpayment charge of shipment ......., and we confirm with this e-mail that no charges will be applied to your account. For the future, we strongly suggest to send photographs of the parcel to certify the weight and dimensions of your package (using a ruler to certify the dimensions and a scale for the weight), or any other proof in your possession. Kind regards, Customer Service Advisor eBay Delivery powered by Packlink
  8. Ok I understand now. Thanks @BankFodder Sorry for the confusion. I will send the letter to Hermes and a Copy to PackLink.
  9. You say that you bought it just under six months ago. You are still in with a chance under the consumer rights act. Send them a letter immediately and tell them that you are invoking your rights under the consumer rights act and that they have a single opportunity to repair the vehicle after which you will reject it. Do that straightaway and then come back here for a fuller reply
  10. Brexit: law and enforcement | Turbulent Times WWW.TURBULENTTIMES.CO.UK If there were three people in this world that I would not choose to carry out a study on regulatory reform, they would be Iain Duncan Smith, Theresa... Another take on it here.
  11. Yes. That's fine. "Vitiated" means legally destroyed/invalidated so that it loses all effect
  12. Hi Andy I am finalising and documenting the final version and will post this up as soon as this has been completed next week, I can confirm that I am preparing 3 Copies of 1) List of documents 2)Witness statements I expect to be in a position to post the final version once approved here to the defendants by 23 June and send to the Court by email on the same date. I am a little confused about what legal costs I can claim, I understand Litigant in person costs are £19 per hour, I have calculated that I have to date spent over 46 Hours on the matter since the claim went into Court, this includes preparing the documents, scanning and responding to the claim this is in addition to the cots already incurred. please can I be advised what format I need to sent to the Court and by which date or will this go in with the above documents by the deadline of 25 June 2021. All advice appreciated as before, thank you for all the support to date.
  13. That letter kills his legal costs and also sheds doubt on the veracity of the whole claim in some ways.
  14. Regarding the WS, well Ambreen is at least not as repetitive as Wali, so small mercies and all that. There isn't much substance to it - it boils down to "We put a load of signs up mate". Point 8: "No stopping" is a prohibition, not a contract. Point 22: the IPC, the all-powerful arbiters & creators of the multiverse, have said we're right so we must be right. Use the two WSs I posted links to as the basis for pulling VCS to pieces. In the part about the Unicorn Food Tax add that Simon has also added £50 legal costs yet is representing himself (include as evidence the April letter you uploaded in post 72).
  15. It's written that the hearing will be "by video conference (CVP)" so presumably you'll be OK. However, I'm not 100% sure with all these COVID changes being new. Probably best to give the court a ring to be sure. Will your snail mail still get picked up between mid-August and the court date of 29 September?
  16. Start of another Facebook page – use the name of the company – and prefix it with "the truth about them".. Then start posting stories and also links to this forum particularly to this and the other threads. You need to bring this to a head somehow. Also it should be reported to citizens advice which may eventually (very eventually) trickle through to trading standards. It is clear that there is something very nasty going on here and people are getting ripped off
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