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  1. Following Police contact with an Insurer, it can take a few days before they decide what to do. Even with a very large Insurance company such as Aviva, the team that handles enquiries from Police will be quite small. But they will have fairly senior stafff, who can decide what they need to do. I would say that Aviva should not be processing any data to credit reference agencies regarding any debt and if they have processed any data, they should remove this from your record. I would suggest that you make this clear to Aviva, just in case you have not already done so.
  2. @BankFodder I've sent her an email requesting her to share their response
  3. I would be inclined to send the ward matron a copy of the form to the email address she gave you along with an accompanying message along the lines of: Dear Ward Matron, Thank you for contacting me on 14.06.21 to discuss my father's mental capacity assessment form. You mentioned over the phone that I need to physically hand this form into the ward. However, I pointed out that I live 4 hours away in Northampton and do not have access to private transport to get me to your hospital. I feel that this would require a disproportionate effort to get a form across to yourselves given the current Covid-19 restrictions. Furthermore, I note that your hospital is not accepting visitors at present due to the Covid restrictions so I presume I would need an appointment to see the right person to fill in and sign this important form. Therefore, I do not feel it is unreasonable to ask for a telephone/video call to discuss the form. I have attached a copy of the form ready in anticipation of this virtual meeting. Please contact me by replying to this email or on xxxxx xxxxxx so that a mutually agreed time can be arranged. Kind Regards, Yorky55. As well as sending it to the Ward Matron, I would also cc PALS and any other relevant email addresses for the hospital you've gathered. I'm sorry that your dad is still in a bad way x
  4. I thought parcel to go was a 'broker' style company. They take the details then find the people who will be happy for your money. Add there fees and hey presto the service is sorted. IMO its parcel to go as thats who u paid. Tho it could be argued that DPD Lost it but you did not employ or pay DPD. Tho l might be wrong it has been known.
  5. This issue has come up before and frankly I'm always a bit confused as to who is who Search this sub- forum for "DPD" and see what people have been doing
  6. I disagree that the motorists interviewed in the local paper had a better case than you. OPS made it impossible to pay, and can be shown to have allowed this at best negligent situation to go on for months. You've asked straight questions, which is fair enough. If OPS did sue you, it would be for 2 x £100 PCN + 2 x £60 invented Unicorn Food Tax + £50 legal costs (remember these are capped at small claims) + £50 court fee costs + some interest = around £420. There are three possible outcomes to a court case - you win and owe £0.00 - you lose, the judge doesn't allow the Unicorn Food tax, you owe £300.00 - you lose, the judge is lazy and allows the Unicorn Food Tax, you owe £420.00. Yes, fighting would take some work, however over many months, namely - build up some evidence against them as in post 14 - read other OPS threads here so you get the right idea - reply to a Letter Before Claim if it comes, we have loads of examples of snotty letters on the forum - defend the claim should it be issued, we have a standard generic defence - if the case proceeds, prepare a Witness Statement. This has to be done seriously & properly. However, again, there are examples compiled by other motorists here which you could use as a basis. This is all worst case scenario of course, if they knew you'd be big trouble in court they might well give up before a court claim.
  7. Sure...Ill take a look later or this evening.
  8. I've sent the email re TIC to the police and I've sent letter to aviva saying the police will be in touch. I've not sent the letter to FOS yet
  9. @BankFodder email from FOS Thank you for your email, I am happy to give you more time until you receive your subject access request.
  10. Simon might be getting squeaky cheeks, a so is inviting you to pay something, if your defence is robust enough and his WS is going to be the usual CTRL-C CTRL-V cut 'n paste probably better to ignore
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