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  1. Could argue that Boris, is a mixture of many of the Rainbow characters, including Zippy, Bungle and George. Might be why Boris is popular with some people. He reminds them of many of their favourite Childrens TV characters.
  2. This video of Matt Hancock voiced by Sweep has had over 90k views on Twitter. Childish but pretty funny.
  3. their system often have issues over w/ends till someone goes in tomorrow and resets things. don't worry.
  4. You almost certainly cannot. The next thing you will receive will be a "Single Justice Procedure Notice". You will be asked to respond to it my choosing on of three options, one of which will be to plead guilty and have the matter dealt with by under the SJ procedure. You should select this. There will be a space for you to tell the court anything you want them to know. You should explain what has happened and ask that you be sentenced at the Fixed Penalty level. Magistrates have guidance which suggests they should do so in your circumstances: Where a penalty notice could not be offered or taken up for reasons unconnected with the offence itself, such as administrative difficulties outside the control of the offender, the starting point should be a fine equivalent to the amount of the penalty and no order of costs should be imposed. The offender should not be disadvantaged by the unavailability of the penalty notice in these circumstances. Your £100 should be returned in due course.
  5. 'Global Britain' has refused to let foreign journalists into the final G7 briefing. Tweet from David Henig. But I think more likely that the PM is simply angry that the EU and US are not believing a word he says on Northern Ireland, and is doubling down because he isn't used to this. This is, again, personal. The future of the UK rather less important than the future of Boris Johnson.
  6. as they have in other like threads you might have read in your research. elms have dumped simon because some of his claims are rather 'wide' to say the least.
  7. I'm afraid that these people are notorious for losing documents and I have to say that something as precious as a driving licence is not something that should have been sent without having a very careful record that it was actually sent and frankly next day special delivery. That wouldn't have protected you from it being lost by them, but it would have helped. You've learned this lesson now – but this is for the benefit of others who visit this thread. I'm afraid that all you can do is contact the police and explain to them exactly what happened, date and time that you sent the licence. I'm not sure if anybody else will come along with better advice
  8. I suggest that we think about sending it off on Wednesday. That will give us a little opportunity to tweak it and you may even have some more news from the police. In respect of the police, I suggest
  9. plenty of time to research and calm down. nothing much to do until the end of june.
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