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  1. I was trying to keep this secret ! She hates the smell of my mint mouthwash, says it brings back baad memories Just completed the census.
  2. One and the same...its gone nowhere. https://www.cabotcm.com/en/news/cabot-credit-management-acquisition-of-wescot/
  3. Have a guess I would imagine selection works similar to the following. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/26/matt-hancock-former-neighbour-won-covid-test-kit-contract-after-whatsapp-message
  4. Ministers have confirmed that consumers will have a right to repair on appliances they buy. Manufacturers will be legally obliged to make spare parts for products available to consumers for the first time – a new legal right for repairs. The aim of the new rules is to extend the lifespan of products by up to 10 years, and officials estimate that higher energy efficiency standards will save consumers an average of £75 a year on bills over their lifetimes. View the full article
  5. Just a recap for my own thoughts. Son and Fiancée left a valuable ring at a Holiday park - no doubt in error. The now ex Fiancée arranged with the Holiday Park for the ring to be returned. Holiday Park used Hermes Courier company to do this. You need to establish with the Holiday Park Do they have receipts for the despatch How the item was packaged for despatch - although we should not assume - it is unbelievable that a valuable ring was simply shoved into a jiffy bag ! Who valued the ring for the despatch ? One assumes the Fiancée explained it was valuable and one would assume that even the Admin staff at the Holiday Park would not simply assume an engagement ring to be valued at £20.00 (although IMHO you should not have to pay extra insurance to the courier company for doing their job !)
  6. Thank you for your support. They're heartless, but I'm grateful to have found this action group to help and advise me. Cheers.
  7. Today was the mediation. They offered around 40% of my claim which I rejected. Yet to hear about court date. I imagine it's going to be done remotely via video conference. Will keep you updated.
  8. Thx BF. The thing is, your advise is spot on and valued. The point about not threatening to sue unless you intend to do so, has been well made on many posts and I am sure most of us have taken that on board. Often your posts do not beat around the bush and it gives you an online personality. Certainly no offence is taken, indeed when I read similar phrases on your other posts , it makes me smile. I would say though, this particular issue (which address to serve) is often a difficult question to answer. In my recent claim against the BBC, I was unsure whether to sue Capita (the people the BBC employ manage the TV license) or the BBC. So you are right to say it, we should answer that question early in the process and get our ducks lined up. Although I would say, I had never really expected to have to answer that question for this £250 and it only came to mind as I sat down on the allotted date to actually start the claim (so I was trying to behave myself). Answering Slick's question: The paperwork says " Barclays Partner Services is a trading name of Clydesdale Financial Services Limited, a member of the Barclays Group". They all have the same head office address (1 Churchill Place, London), although they have different correspondence addresses. I have been using BPF address in Cardiff and their correspondence to me is letter headed the same.
  9. Story in the Sunday Express 28/2/21. Image also shows a copy of their apology. You will see it only apologises for the delay in corresponding and ignores the substantive point regarding paying interest on the £1000. The apology reads more like a defense and they state they would have defended had the summons not gone astray. Some apology.
  10. Its official - but dont forget its NOT our NHS' test and trace its Johnson, Handcock and Didos' test and trace "Dido Harding’s test and trace system has swallowed up “unimaginable” amounts of taxpayers’ money with no evidence of any measurable difference on the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, a scathing report by a Westminster spending watchdog has found. The report said NHS test and trace must “wean itself off” its reliance on private-sector consultants, after figures showed it was still employing around 2,500 in early February on an estimated daily rate of £1,100 a head – with the highest-paid individual costing taxpayers £6,624 a day." https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/covid-news-live-coronavirus-updates-vaccine-b1814957.html
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