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  1. I wanted to provide an update to this chain. I have reached a settlement with Hermes. For the benefit of anyone else going through this process, some notes: The formal mediation process was delayed (I guess, due to Covid). I wrote directly to the relevant person in Hermes' legal department (firstname.lastname@hermes-europe.co.uk - you will get the names in your claim form, for anyone else going through this process) I played hard ball - I maintained my position in my claim form, I did not give Hermes' (in my view, entirely without merit) arguments any attent
  2. Plenty of iffy points. a) HMCTS do not get invovled until the Charge certificate and Order for Recovery have been issued and the debt registered at HMCTS by the council b) PCN number should be two letters followed by 8 numerals c) Charge certificate cost would be full penalty +50% ie £50 +£25 =£75 not £100 d) contravention desciption is not one of the statutory descriptions e) Location should be a road or carpark not just United Kingdom f) Drive-away PCN's must be served by post
  3. It usually means that they do not have at least one of the documents which means that there is no contract between them and the motorist. That is good for you. When doing your WS you can say that you sent them a CPR 31.14 in early August which they have not sent any documents to you as yet. So it is reasonable to assume that they are missing at least one of the documents that prove there is a contract between OPS and yourself. You feel that as a litigant in person that you may well be ambushed in Court with the Landlord's contract with them giving you little
  4. Going to court is stressful and can take hours and hours of study and preparation, often for chasing a small sum, often for an amount that is not worth the time and stress involved in winning. On the other hand, I take the view the stress is nothing more than a competitive adrenaline, a technical game of chess, a bet on the horses, a day on a business training course. All such things might cost a similar amount that we fight for. Win or lose, we gain experience that makes a small sum worth fighting for. We gain practice and experience if ever there is a time when the stakes are much higher.
  5. section 75 is against your BANK nothing to do with the retailer
  6. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/399764-section-75-and-charge-backwhats-the-difference-and-how-to-utilise-them/
  7. You left your e-mail address showing so I've edited it and converted to PDF. Thanks to CAG member Gick for noticing the address! Oh, and as the others have said, it's a scam.
  8. so a useless restriction k nothing to worry about nothing they can do now dx
  9. If your Sol/Conveyancer is worth his salt...a Restriction K can be got round...without settling. https://www.stevens-bolton.com/site/insights/articles/charging-orders-a-false-sense-of-security
  10. I cant find anything on who Phoenix Recoveries UK Ltd (SARL) who they assigned or merged with.I think some debts went to Link. Is the Restriction causing problems...your selling or remortgaging ? https://www.ehnetwork.org.uk/forum-topic/unable-remove-charge-empty-property-dissolved-company
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum. In order to give the correct advice.....could you confirm if it is a charging order or a K type restriction....IE was the judgment against just one of the legal holders of the property and the mortgage is joint ? Andy
  12. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated. I have written to Lidl head office and will update when I get reply.
  13. aka Johnson is not just removing the laws underpinning the basic human rights of undesirables like abbu the hamster. He's removing them for you and me and even all those brexiters who voted for him too Think of removing the small number of genuine undesirables rights to legal representation .. by removing everyones rights to it ..
  14. Glad to hear it. Make sure you get you UC application started as soon as you can. You see, they aren't all ogres!
  15. Ok so I've just came off the phone and wow I feel so much better. The lovely lady was so kind telling me not to worry, my current claim will just end , didnt require any other information from me and will receive a letter with what i owe. She said she doesnt want to add any stress and they would never do that, they want to support, i will have to pay back but only what I can afford. She advised to apply for universal credit as their office is now starting close. I want to thank you all so much for your advice and now I can try and get my shit together
  16. So will the UKIM bill be voted through today? There seem to be Tory rebels but I'm not sure there are enough of them. Geoffrey Cox has spoken out against it and Cameron has joined the ex-PMs criticising the bill. I enoyed the account of five top QCs berating Suella Braverman at the Bar Council on Saturday. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/sep/12/top-lawyers-slam-suella-braverman-for-wrecking-uks-reputation
  17. I intend on being really honest from start to finish. Im not looking for sympathy from them but maybe understand slightly. Im just a mum of 3 trying to hold it together. Im worried now if its under caution and I cant get my words out
  18. A plug in was updated to be compatible with the new version. So the webmasters integrated it accordingly...
  19. ruddy fleecers. next time they ring put the phone down stating writing only. don't waste money on recorded post..as they don't have to sign for it now in covid restrictions anyway just use 1st class and get free Proof of posting from the PO counter. as the AC is still 'active' i would use the FOSCISHEET part their int rate in cell D15 enter EVERY fixed sum penalty fee in the sheet on the date it was charged. that will give you an accurate running figure that increases everyday until/id they are stupid enough to take you to cou
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