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  1. Ther Bill of Rights recognised a compact between the King, Parliament and the people. Since that time the monarch and the peopel have kept their sides of the deal but parliament has ignored the constraints placed upon them. My advice is to overthrow parliament under the Treason Act and get the militray to perform the functions of goverment until you can replace parliament. I'sm sure that everyone will be behind you and the queen will lend you her army if you explain things. There is another flaw with this though, Toby Liar abolished the Treason Act to prevent himself from dangling on a rope so you cant do stage one lawfully I loathe the abuse of power by the govt and its appendages but what alternative do we have? allow the idiots who chuck things about on the streets to play king for a day? Dodgy parking tickets is the price we pay for being a mature democracy
  2. If you dont heed the advice about not going back there for a good while the consequences could become more serious. For the moment you were caught doing somehting and the store took a course of action that would come under "restorative justice" so they cnat make a complaint to the police about this. Sainsburys dont want you in their store becasue they dont know you, not because you were caught out, it is about future risk and asking to be unbanned will ring alarm bells and certainly end up with a no and possibly an alert to the local managers ( they have your picture dont forget). Best keep below the radar until they forget about you. If a company like RLP get in touch just ignore them, the matter has been dealt with and they have no interest in anything anyway
  3. Then you apply for a set aside from the court and dont bother with them again. Their client will be punished rather then them so let them huff and puff. after the event.
  4. As per Andyorch, they are being very naughty, they have no right to your money they will take the cash and leave tyour Credirt record wrecked for 6 years. Under NO Circumstances pay DCBL a bean. Do the N244 its only way.
  5. Dont pay them....a court will not allow a set a side if there is nothing owing..its regarded as debt cleansing. Andy
  6. Hi, ericsbrother, thank you so much for that informative post. I am going to revisit site tomorrow, I will count all the signs in situ. I will then take pictures and rough diagram where they are placed., in-relation to the Trike. i will put the four bullet point in initial defence you suggested as they seem to apply perfectly as to the Info I have looked up to date. There is no chance of myself backing down, I’m in for the duration, if they want my money it will cost them in time and effort. I know you are right that they try and frighten people into paying I’n many ways, deception the most obvious and bullshit. I was in Black Watch 20 years, I can smell bullshit at 600 yards, and I’m not easily intimidated. Thanks again.
  7. Here is one reason they should have had local Track Trace and Isolate, and keeping Covid out of general Hospitals, the impact on other patients in emergency and with long term illness and conditions. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jun/08/britons-life-threatening-conditions-denied-care-coronavirus-pandemic
  8. PCNs didn't exist in 1689, and much has changed, No Civil Enforcement officerf is breaking any law issuing a correctly applied PCN. Freeman On the land is chock full of dodgy inapplicable guff, like a Birth certificate is really a Berth certificate similar to permission to dock a ship, conflates maritime law ith other stuff, and usually gets the person using it in deeper trouble, especially where bailiffs are concerned.
  9. +1 I wouldn’t advise offering to pay anything, nor paying anything Just don’t go back and move on with your life (just use other shops)
  10. you ignore marstons totally. ^^^^^^^^^ dx
  11. You left your name showing so I've redacted it and then converted to PDF, so only registered Caggers can see the letter (best to keep the opposition guessing!)
  12. Hi there, Take a good look through all of the links we have posted you. They are trying to rob you blind. Powerless DCA , trying it on. In future everything needs to be sent in writing by post BTW. Email just gives the likes of Marstons another conduit to carry out their intimidation tactics. Please send in writing to the LAA. Marston's 'Opinion' on this means nothing.
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