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  1. With Schools usually breaking up for the Summer Holidays in July, I do not see the point of sending youngsters back before September. Government might just have managed to improve on their safety procedures for staff and youngsters alike.
  2. Hi again, looks like Gallstones are back for another round in the ring... it appears these guys just can't get enough being slapped around and wasting paper! In my opinion there are a couple of glaring contradictions in their cover letter to me. Plus inviting me to come in and be fined is a bit weird! They also inserted a 3rd photo of the car spanning the immense period of 2 minutes. Gladstones_demand_w_evidence_dated150520.pdf
  3. I would ask the auction house who were conducting the auction for a copy of the terms and conditions. Especially relating to online bids and the time delay of when the hammer drops and the time of the accepted bid online. I attend an auction near where I live and the auctioneer when getting an moment of silence of no further bids received he will allow 3 seconds before dropping the gavel meaning he will say eg £50 the room £55 online £60 the room. Then silence "any further bids - one two three" and drop the hammer. From the point of the hammer dropping and a full 3 second delay (warning) the winner is the one with the successful bid. However if there is a rush of people clicking online then it is the received confirmed final bid online that wins the item . There might be a rolling proxy bid and that bidder would get the item. So if the item is going up in £5 increments and the buyer has invested say £100 in advance then instead of clicking to bid on the rise in price of £5 increments then this bidder wins the bid up to the total of his investment of £100. If the bidding goes up to more than the £100 then other bidders gets the item. I also bid for items online with a well known auction site and I place a bid on a price that I feel that the item is worth (this being a much higher amount than that displayed). So without going back in to continue to bid and if the item comes in at less than that of the amount that I have invested online then in the final frenzy of bidders I have more of a chance to getting the item because my bidding is automatically accepted with each rising increment. This system I feel is the same that the auction of the item that Bigboykarl would have been using. It is a complicated process and I hope that I have explained myself as clear as possible.
  4. Yup it seems hardly worth all this hassle for the sake of a few weeks. I say this with 2 teenagers at home driving me up the wall!
  5. Many are but it is a balance. Early June may be too soon but when will be right? Harsh as it is to say, we do know who this virus is killing and there has to come a time when we prioritise the futures of the young over the old. My own daughter in law is high risk but not very high risk - diabetic but still under 40. My two year granddaughter is back at nursery this week with precautions in place. My son drops off and picks up and the child washes hands just as leaving and is changed into clean clothes. Son puts her through a bath before mum emerges from her 'office' - she's still working full time from home. Yes it's a rigmarole, yes it's a risk but the difference in that child for being able to play with a small, controlled group of other children for a few hours a week is marked. They are convinced they've made the right decision but it is a very individual decision to make.
  6. Private Parking Companies are audited by the DVLA and the GIAA (Government Internal Audit Agency). They receive ratings of Green, Yellow or Red. These results can be found on WhatDoTheyKnow. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/list/all?utf8=✓&query=GIAA+parking+audit&request_date_after=&request_date_before=&commit=Search OPS have been rated Green, but some PPCs, such as VCS, UKCPM and CP Plus have been rated Red since 2018, but are still allowed to obtain KADOE data from the DVLA. In the past, PPCs could be suspended or have their KADOE contract revoked, but this doesn't seem to be happening any more.
  7. Hope all is well London. Dr North provided some links today also, basically Hancock's app won't work as is not local enough, and the trst results go to different databases apparently. http://www.eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87615#disqus_thread "The problem is the way the test results are collated, in separate databases, processed by completely different systems. As collected, they cannot be broken down to local level and therefore cannot be usefully shared with councils. Thus, local officials complain that there are an enormous number of people being tested "but we don't know who they are, where they work, we don't know what their results are".
  8. More on testing. Greater Manchester is using local public sector testing and the government's tests. The public sector tests are giving them the information they need on cases quickly while the government system hasn't sent any results through since early May. Not helpful for infection control. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/greater-manchester-still-doesnt-know-18288943 Elsewhere, there's talk on Twitter that around 350,000 tests nationally have been double-counted, as nasal and throat swabs are being counted separately in some cases.
  9. Hi all, Glad to be here after all these years! I tried posting here briefly once, for a while, but then settled on MSE and pepipoo only. I was the lay rep in this case and Bank Fodder has been in touch, so I thought I'd come here. I was also the lay rep in the Southampton case of Britannia v Crosby & anor, where DJ Grand refused to reinstate multiple Britannia cases where £60 was added. That transcript cost BW Legal £420ish then they didn't appeal but wouldn't share it (how selfish!) so I bought a copy for about £14 and it's now used by other Judges (Lewes, Skipton, Warwick, Luton, etc). I post as Coupon-mad on MSE and SchoolRunMum on pepipoo. Glad you all liked the judgment about OPS. We did! It was achieved by a posse of five middle aged women who rocked up to Lewes court, three in watching at the back, and me and Ms W sitting facing the aggressive rep from LPC Law (sent by QDR). On the day, I wasn't sure I'd done enough due to having a lease sprung on me, and the rep stealing the floor & talking over me. One thing the judgment missed was the fact the entrance signs have been twisted round to face the main CCTV camera for three years (check Google Street View, also I have half a dozen cases I've handled that prove it). The issue is, this place looks like a road, next to shops and thre is no appearance of a 'car park' if you are looking ahead and/or the sun shines on the white words on the road as you turn. So the twisted entrance sign means the CCTV operator can use the images, but drivers never even realise they are in a 'car park' let alone that it's managed by a BPA member. This was covered in court along with everything else. The lease was produced in court on the day, after I slapped an unredacted copy of the OPS-signed contract on the table, the rep did a retort along the lines ''I see your unredacted contract and I raise you this lease'' (not in those words, but it was played out like that!). DDJ Harvey was unwell and said straight away he'd defer his decision, but that he was allowing both the ambush documents because he wanted to get to the bottom of it. Lewes & Brighton Judges have dealt with a number of Eastage Wharf cases and where a defendant turns up, we've always seen OPS lose. I know someone who goes to watch. But sadly we knew that there have been cases where OPS won due to the D not appearing , and I've sat in a case myself as lay rep six months earlier where we won on POFA arguments and unclear signage and the Judge didn't want to hear my next point, exposing the OPS contract. He knew I had something to say about it because I'd listed my points at the start, but I had to bite my tongue that day. In his summing up, that Judge was taken in by it, said he was satisfied with it (the OPS signatures were covered). So I can say first hand, that document HAS misled at least one Judge and I know second-hand, of another. It's also won POPLA cases for OPS - I've seen 2 such cases. Couldn't wait to expose it this time. The landowner authority signed only by OPS, also claimed they had authority over 'the site'. The lease doesn't say that, it states P&D bays only.
  10. Tragically, the UK government has squandered much of the precious eight weeks bought at such great social and economic cost. The question now is whether it is willing to admit mistakes and do what’s really needed to suppress the virus " Exactly. I won't be holding my breath about them admitting mistakes.
  11. Captain Tom to Colonel Tom and now he's going to be Sir Tom. Wonderful news. The article says HMG want to recognise unsung heroes of the NHS in due course. They could try having a word with Priti Useless who doesn't seem to want carers coming into the country from our nearest neighbours and is charging them hundreds of pounds a year to use the very NHS that they're helping to keep going. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/19/beacon-of-light-capt-tom-moore-to-be-knighted
  12. I have done, but this doesn't answer my question. How much compensation should I expect for an £11k payment delayed 5 months? Also, please don't quote my message, it's directly above!!!
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