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    Just a piece of information. Barclaycard dropped a letter to me in the post today. Dated two days ago. Saying: We know this might not be ideal, but we've had to lower how much you can borrow on your Barclaycard. So on 25/03/2020 (today)your credit limit will change from £2000 to £1300. I have always managed this card well, always made minimum payments, plus more every month. As a vulnerable person(as we all are at this time) it hasn't taken long for financial services to take action to make themselves less vulnerable has it? Seems likely to me that any of us who may have other credit cards need to be aware of these moves. stephenXL
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    elms legal are not bailiffs and cant add anything to the CCJ debt neither can they send any muppet 'field agent' to your door whom has no more legal right than your milkman it would be absolutely marvellous if he did turn up and you could film him but I see that you are somewhat busy at present to say the least. infact i'd go as far to say that them adding fees for their 'work' is almost contempt of court. powerless muppets forget about them. now the cheap way out of this is to go RING excel and tell them if they don't set aside the CCJ by mutual consent FOC to you immediately you WILL be issuing an N244 set aside and also suing them for the £255 and loss of earning (by the way I work for the NHS covid-19 implications etc etc ) by me having to take time away from work to waste my time on this phone call and my time raising the N244, posting and time to prepare for court, at a rough guess this already runs into several £100's you'd win hands down in court. do the above when you can RECORD THE CALL then comeback here please. don't worry about it , it's not urgent and most certainly can go anywhere further nor hurt you further you in all truth will be months away for a court hearing if they don't crumble I think you are quite able to lay it on thick on the phone. don't bother to get into any debate about if the org PCN is even legal or not. the address issue is good enough for set aside and your current employment too
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    Yes, I'll post a scanned copy. It was very silly of me not to update things quicker in hindsight. When you say 'that the money was paid' do you mean to Elms legal or at the Pay and Display machine? At moment I'm a HCSW so doing as many hours as I can to help out. I'm also a medical student but university has now finished due to the viral outbreak. I'll also post up the automated response I received from Excel back in 2016. Thanks
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    Yes you are absolutely right. The banks are totally unreliable. Barclays is a disreputable company and we have lots of experience of that on this forum. They will lend you an umbrella and ask for it back as soon as it starts raining. Bravo Barclays – and Bravo the rest of them.
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    Just got a written confirmation of my mortgage holiday, with no adverse affect on my Credit file. I would implore anybody in short term financial trouble to call their bank or building society.
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    Good. When you get access then download it all – everything. If you think there is anything missing then let the FOS know immediately and also update us here
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    I have had an email from them asking if there is any info I don't require, like phone records and copies of recorded conversations etc which would make it available more quickly , I told them I want it all, and they are going to create some sort of online portal for me to log into to view and print if needed. This info should be pretty good because it will prove Hardeep sent them bank details for the payments to me made back in November 2019, they said he didn't do this and this is why they did not do anything at all at that point, and will also show that they admitted the errors and agreed with him. They said it will also show me all correspondence between the FOS and Barclays so it should be very helpful. I have just checked my credit file on Equifax and the delinquent Barclays account is still there. They said this was being sorted out 10 days ago and said they had cleared the debt of circa £700 from the account.
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    Okay – well give them the date and given the date of the reminder. I have dictated this off very quickly and you had better check it carefully for typos
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    States on the Order " File and serve "....so court and claimants sol.
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    Sorry everyone for the late reply. Been going through a family death and it has been very hectic the past few months. just wanted to update everyone.. I ended up ringing tfl prosecutions team a day before I was meant to go to court and I told the woman on the phone how I won’t be able to attend as I can’t take the day off work. The woman on the phone was so lovely and told me to email the court services and tell them my circumstances and ask them if the court can proceed in my absence. She also said that they don’t do out of court settlements anymore - which is easy to believe as there has of course been a massive rise in people caught with counterfeit cards. She then advised me that after looking at my case, emails and my mitigating circumstances it is likely that the court will just send a fine to my house with no criminal record. (of course she said that this is not 100% what will happen it is just what she THINKS will happen). 2 weeks later I got a letter in the post with a fine of around £600 and around 3 weeks to pay it. im very grateful that they decided to just fine me and not charge me with a record. thank you dx100uk and honeybee13 for all your help!!
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    for the sake of a 2nd class stamp no harm in repeating it . dx
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    Apparently, according to some psychologists, the reason people are stocking up with toilet rolls is not just in case they are self isolated for 14 days so don't want to risk not having any, but because they are seen as large comforting packages i.e. The size of a packet of toilet roles and the softness, is a comfort against the anxiety they are feeling. If you believe in such psychology ! I suppose it could make sense.
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