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    You do need to check out exactly where, and what limits were there last week. OS maps and Google Street View for a mile or so in both directions along the A5 from the Halton roundabout show a single carriageway (part with 3 lanes) with derestricted signs. In one direction there are lamp posts but still with occasional derestricted signs. That I believe, means 60mph. However, Street View was photographed in the autumn of 2018. A thought - you say you are a courier. Was your vehicle subject to speed limits lower than for private cars? For example, non car based vans over 2 tonnes laden weight have a 50mph limit on single carriageways - as does anything towing a trailer.
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    Please think about supporting local charities over the next few months. In many areas of the country there are Hospices which are supported by shops selling items to finance the homes that they run. In my area, a Hospice charity is having to close it shops after today due to Corona virus and therefore may not receive the income that is normally generated. If you are able to offer the charities any financial support, many of them have websites to enable you to do this and I am sure they will be very grateful.
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    I read that a nearby hotel group offered to put the sacked staff up in one of their properties.
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    Have been making enquiries, but Conwy Council are actively seeking Liability orders and were sending out bailiffs last week, not sure about magistrates contractor bailiffs like marstons. perhaps BankFodder can ask marstons. They are likely going to have to suspend ocross the court system or the councils might go on a feeding frenzy with Liability orders, for Council tax non payment through the crisis.
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    little point in ever complaining to credit file provider ferratum is your target. the debt was defaulted more than 6yrs ago and should now not be showing. WRITE and give them 14 days to remove the new default and the whole account else you will raise a serious complaint with the ICO and seek financial compensation for the damage to your credit worthiness - without further notice.
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    Well done Molly...topic title updated. Regards Andy
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    hey you won don't forget to donate please to keep us here dx
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