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    https://www.gov.uk/government/news/complete-ban-on-evictions-and-additional-protection-for-renters Above URL keeps redirecting back to CAG ! Try this URL http://tiny.cc/xzrklz
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    No worries. I wish I could offer more but I’ve spent the week balancing ethics/cash/legal consideration at my own company. i have no good answers. Right now, every option sucks.
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    Hi there, I am a landlord and would like to rent out my property. And then we have found a potential tenant through OpenRent, great! However, the tenant, she is very upfront with us and honest, she had 2 CCJ records marked as "discharge". As a results, it is very high chances the referencing will come back as fail because of the CCJ records that hold against her back in 2016 and 2018. She is a single mum with 2 kids and is a DSS tenant. We have interviewed the tenant, she is genuine and honest person, a good single mum that work hard to feed the kids. She has been renting the current place for 8 years, due to the landlord wants to sell the property she has no choice but to look for another place to rent. Now the dilemma is, as a landlord, I have make so many phone call to look for a the insurance company that accept her case, hasnt got any luck! May i know anyone has any ideas or came across this before? Advice will be greatly appreciated. Also, some of the RGI company has taken this product offline because of Corona Virus outbreak. Thanks in advance whoever will be able to advise. Thanks, Orch
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    I'm not the type that gets nervous or gives in to bullying, so it isn't going to happen. I'm just not that type of guy no matter how much money is involved. I really don't care who they think they are or what they think they can do. I'm fearless.
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    Well I hope somebody will come along to be able to give you the advice you need – but I have to say that it seems to me that you are making a very decent gesture and a great effort to help somebody who's obviously vulnerable and in need. Bravo!
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    Yes things have changed with myself and the dealer for the better, he agreed with me it would be better for me to have the car back due to this COVID19 health concern, as I can at least monitor the battery and make sure it doesn't go flat, I can also keep the engine going so she doesn't seize up. These are going to be challenging times for us all, especially our business community, I do in all sincerity feel sympathy for the dealer after he told me that a lot of his work force are off sick. I think like a lot of businesses he will need all the help he can get, and the last thing he needs at this moment in time is more issues from a customer. The dealer and I agree that we will re visit this concern in the future when things return to some sort of normality. But Like you say Bank, that might be a long time All the best to you guys and thank you all for your very kind help
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    Maybe as BankFodder says you might be right to be concerned, but I'd have to say you are seeming a bit impatient to me. (I know, easy for me to say as I don't know exactly how you are getting on with the dealer who you may think is being awkward). I'm also a bit confused as to what telephone response(s) from the dealer you refer to in your earlier post (#46). Did they try to telephone you after they received the email (or whatever) you sent last Friday, or was it after the previous letter (or whatever) you sent them? "When we didn't respond by the end of the day and judging by the content and feel of the email sent to us by the end of that day, he became quite annoyed by making statements about the negotiations....which we felt was unfair given that the dealer had offered a reduction in price not me." Again, I don't understand what is "unfair"? I'm also wondering whether I'm beginning to understand his annoyance. And sorry - it's also a bit confusing not knowing who is writing your posts. I'm assuming at least some of them have been written by your father. I think it's easier for us to follow if it's clear who is posting. (I wonder if this has also contributed to confusion with the dealer). Sorry - don't want to sound overly-critical but I think you may be jumping the gun a bit in expecting action so quickly. Or I may be wrong and you may be right to be worried...
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    Topics merged.....please do not start new topics on the same matter.....how is anyone to know what your last post is in connection to on its own ? Andy
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    Here is the link Ruby... https://www.gov.uk/government/news/face-to-face-health-assessments-for-benefits-suspended-amid-coronavirus-outbreak
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    With thanks to DragonFly1967 for the ideas for this list, here are some abbreviations that are frequently used on the private parking forum. If needed, the lists can be expanded upon. HB ANPR - Automatic number plate recognition. AOS - Approved Operator Scheme ATA - Accredited Trade Association. In order to request vehicle keeper details private parking companies must be a member of an ATA and abide by its code of practice. ATA members must also cater for disputed cases to be referred to an independent appeals process. The BPA and the IPC are the two parking related ATAs. BPA - British Parking Association. One of the two "members clubs" for PPC's. CoP - Code(s) of Practice. DR+ - Debt Recovery Plus, a debt collector used by some private parking companies. AKA Daft Recovery + a Desperate Collection Agency DVLA - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Swansea GDPR - The General Data Protection Regulation implemented by the Data Protection Act 2018 GPEOL - Genuine pre-estimate of loss. IAS - Independent Appeals Service (run by the IPC) IPC - International Parking Community (Previously known as the "Independent Parking Committee") the other "members club". Formed in part because some of the PPC's didn't like the way that the BPA run POPLA was always working against them. LBA or LBC - Letter Before Action or Letter Before Claim (respectively) LPS - London Parking Solutions or Local Parking Security NtD - Notice To Driver (Windscreen Ticket) NtK - Notice to Keeper P&D - Pay and Display PE - Parking Eye POC - Particulars Of Claim POFA 2012 or simply POFA - Protection Of Freedoms Act 2012. ( Specifically schedule 4 for keeper liability. Link) POPLA - Parking On Private Land Appeals. An "independent" appeals service. Although having used quotation marks, in fairness it has to be said that they do tend to allow a lot of appeals in favour of the motorist. Run by the BPA. POPLA Code - Is the code that you need in order to lodge your appeal with them. PPC - Private Parking Compan(y/ies) PWE - Is Parking With(out) Ease RK - Registered Keeper UKPCM - UK Car Park Management VRN - Vehicle Registration Number
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