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    If I were you I would drop her a very nice and gentle and informal note and basically say that you are one of the people involved in the accident the other day. You hope that she doesn't mind that you are provided with her details and the details of the other drivers involved by the police. You'd be very happy to share this information with her if she would like and you hope you don't mind that you would like to meet up with and have a chat because there seems to be an insurance issue with another driver – not her – and could you come round. This would be the best way to approach her. Then if she says yes then you could go round and in a very relaxed way asking various questions and say was she aware how you managed to run into the back of her, you hope she's all right – asked after her health – express interest in her – and then ask very gently would it be all right if you reported to the insurer that you were pushed into her and it wasn't you who drove into her first. You can congratulate her on having stopped – and say you also had stopped – but the person behind you managed to push you into her and damage all three cars. You will find it is much better to do this face-to-face and then if she confirms what you think, ask if you could make a few notes and she would be prepared to sign it because you are having difficulty with your insurer. Much better to do this face-to-face. You can't imagine how many people could produce excellent statements but if there simply asked to do so in writing, you don't hear from them again. Face-to-face is always best – a nice gentle polite friendly – create trust first of all and then see if she will sign the notes. Don't call it a statement. People don't like that. It sounds too formal
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    By appealing you have made the fact they were issued late totally irrelevant UNLESS you made it clear you were the keeper and were not driving at the time. still not enough info about the site as there is no separate car park so it must be associated with someone else's business. can you please post up EXACTLY what location is given on the demands and then tell us where it is as any difference between what they say and the actual address is critical. so to reiterate, WHERE exactly was the car park (and what business is associated with it) WHEN where the events and the dates you got the NTK's, WHAT was the supposed breach of terms and What did you say in the appeals and how many of those did you submit and how (letter, email, ) we need the exact info, not a summary or an approximation, beating these demands is all in the detail because they currently stand to make a lot of money when they probably arent owed a bean but they will lie and cheat to get their hands on it
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    threads merged and tidied i wouldn't be sending arrows anything yet. the CCJ is over 6yrs old and they were not the claimant so will have a very hard job in convincing a judge to enforce it. have you moved since the CCJ was granted I would expect as you attained a mortgage now you have? dx
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    Yes, send it to Simon Renshaw-Smith at VCS's address.
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    Well done ! Some times you just have to keep going. Eventually, you might have your complaint looked at by someone who will resolve it.
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