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    There’s hope of a warning, then, because the policy is a bit vague. you probably need it - to be a one off - to not have threatened life or property have a think about how you’d describe that in your meeting.
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    Is that a driving policy or a disciplinary policy? It’s the disciplinary you need. Criticising the very people who decide your fate is shooting yourself in the foot. I really wouldn’t. Does the policy give examples of misconduct versus gross misconduct? Often there is a list of examples for each. I’m trying to work out if you can argue for a simple misconduct for a first offence...
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    post spaced for you. if the CCJ was attained more than 6yrs ago, they would need to go back to the court to enforce it and would suggest also that the CCJ is not even in mortimers name too. so two very high rocks to climb over there for them to even p'haps be able to enforce a CCJ. no stupid doorstep agent has ANY legal powers ...CCJ or not. Mortimer have been sending 1000's of these letters out since xmas cause they didn't get as much free money from mugs that blindly pay for their xmas drinkies fund as they hoped, so are seeing if a few scary letters on old CCJ's they've bought might help them. ignore them. dx
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    this is identical to one of the 2 case studies in the daily mail so do go and read it to see if you can head off their actions before they trya dn recover monies from you. the 3rd party insurer will be expected to pick up the bill but courts are aware that the other persons insurers are being taken for a ride and are putting ther brakes on the level of compenstion they will award and that will leave you seriously out of pocket for no fault of your own. You need to really go after your insurer and let them know that you have followed their instructions and will be after them if necessary. It wont harm you to co-operate, it just amkes more money for Auxilis and their solicitor though so hold your nose. have you sent the car back now? if not do so immediately as they charge about £50k a year for a car worth £20k new
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    They need to provide you the number to which the SMS was sent - Its important... It can then prove whether it was you or not. During that time - Do you remember anything like your phone going offline for a small period and speaking to your mobile operator? Thinking Sim Swap here...
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    Hey Stu :) Thank you for checking in. Since we last spoke, through Coram, i got an advocacy from children services in surrey. My SAR has been accepted and they will be responding to me by the 6th of March with all they have on me. RE my current situation, this all seems to be settling down and the landlady's piped down, thank fully. I'm keeping on top of my rent and bills and just focusing on my dissertation and last year of studies for my undergrad degree now. Feeling slightly less stressed hahah :) I hope all is well with you and many thanks again for the support! Best wishes, K.M
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    Interesting video from Channel4 news with Esther Duflo, the economist, on immigration.
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    old and new threads merged for history please keep to one thread
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    Just to add my thoughts on this. At the moment, it is only a possibility that Symbiosis will be asked to contribute towards car hire costs. With these Insurance claims, even if the driver at fault is not in question, the Insurers will quite rightly question the costs they are being asked to pay. Therefore until the moment of decision, there can be this fear that a letter will be received asking to pay amounts, that people don't feel they are responsible for. Symbiosis was told it was a courtesy car, when it was really a credit hire car. This is a bit naughty, but the courtesy car per the Insurance contract would be for a week or two, to allow for a repair to take place. If the car is found to be a write off, then a hire car can be used to cover short period, before a permanent alternative can be obtained by the policyholder. I would cooperate with the Insurers and Auxilis to get this resolved, but make sure they both have a letter on file that you are not happy with the courtesy car/hire car mix up and may take any necessary actions later, if they ever attempted to recover any costs from yourself.
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