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    Hi You might find some useful information about Clear Business / Verastar on these sites Clear Business have been investigated by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman many times in 2019 and some of the cases may be familiar to your own https://www.spso.org.uk/search/node/%22Clear%20Business%20Water%22 The information on these web sites about Clear Business might be useful and they may be able to give you the relevant information http://unaccountablescotland.org.uk/index.php/water-charges/83-clear-business-on-gaps http://unaccountablescotland.org.uk/ Verastar were originally known as Unicom but they changed their name to Verastar a few weeks after Unicom was fined £200,000 by Ofcom for miss-selling. Clear Business was acquired by Verastar shortly afterwards. This web site was set up to try and provide information to Verastar customers who are having problems www.unicom-complaints.co.uk Hope this helps
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    https://www.carbuyer.co.uk/tips-and-advice/155372/engine-management-light-top-5-causes-of-amber-engine-warning-light https://www.theaa.com/breakdown-cover/advice/dashboard-warning-lights https://www.mercedes-benz-brampton.ca/the-top-5-reasons-your-check-engine-light-is-on/ If you are going to bring a legal action then I suggest that you start searching the Internet for "engine management light" and download various bits of commentary about it. The three quotes I've included above refer to the airflow system and make it clear that it can cause fairly serious problems – although not unsafe to drive but it should be attended to. The last link to a Mercedes website suggest that a regular maintenance check should deal with it and that suggests that the dealers had not performed some basic checks before selling the vehicle. I think these kind of things could be helpful to you assuming that you are going to bring a legal action. Certainly, it seems to me that if statins felt even to carry out a standard maintenance check before selling the vehicle – or that they missed this fault, because you say that the EML was eliminated right from the beginning, then this suggests that they sold it in an unsatisfactory condition. Given the concerns with environment and so forth the increase in emissions because a function of the vehicle designed to reduce these did not work correctly, would itself be of concern to any reasonable consumer. If you came before a judge who was a climate change denier then you might have problems
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    nothing whatever appeal you made to them is immaterial. you filed the SB defence the claim is now well stayed. should the fleecers wish to lift the stay it will cost them £255 and you'll get notification from THE COURT that they have. until/if they do that (very remote) you are quite safe to ignore all their bluff and bluster. dx
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    particularly with regard to these: https://www.spso.org.uk/search/node/"Clear Business Water" I think I revise my advice to go for a time to pay order... dx
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    Please post links to the other reviews that you have found. I think it would be a good idea to try and send them an email or voice message saying that you want to make a final attempt to negotiate the situation – but at the same time you should certainly send your letter of claim.
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    Use GDPR to your advantage. Don’t speak to them by phone. Send them a GDPR SAR. They will either comply , in which case you will be able to see what has been going on and hopefully get to the bottom of this. If they fob you off just tell them in writing you will report them to the ICO. It’s fairly possible the prospect of a multi million pound fine for non compliance will persuade them to drop the whole thing.
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    As @stu007 says above. I have direct experience of a letting agent crumbling after requesting a GDPR SAR. 1. They didn’t comply fully 2. What they did send me was damning 3. £1500 fees cancelled The words GDPR terrify companies. I work in marketing, nobody wants to be fined 4% of their turnover. They will crumble for the sake of £400 odd pounds . If that doesn’t work it’s time to escalate to social media. I doubt it will get that far though.
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