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    Hi Everyone, Well, they (gladdys) finally paid up ... and only one day after the "due" date. Thanks again for all of your help. I've made a donation ... keep up the good work. Best Regards, --skeet23.
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    Hi all. Starting a new thread on the journey to reclaim my very old charges. The story so far. After chasing Barclays for almost 18 months and with days to go before a court hearing they handed over my credit card statements from 2001-2004. Many thanks to everyone who helped along the way. I’ve had a quick look through the statements there are approximately 20 charges there. £15-20 pounds each. I’ll sort them by credit card account and add them to the compound interest spreadsheet. Then update here.
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    a section 75 is not gov't by the CRA. but by the consumer credit act
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    Hi BF, thank you for your help. Much appreciated.
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    Nice one mate so is it against the ltd company or the owner himself. Did they send any kind of defence to the court.
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    I won my case. Decided after an hour of court. Only myself and the judge were present. The money claim is against the owner of EMC, which the judge changed there and then. I'm imagining that this is going to cause me a whole new set of problems, seeing as how EMC are not trading anymore. So although the main battle is won, I still have this carry on to deal with. Let's see what happens over the next few weeks. if they had just accepted my right to reject, it would have saved me a ton money and time. They're are also having to pay much more to me than the purchase price of the car, so they're out of pocket too. EMC, over to you to do the right thing. This will not just go away, and I will get what's owed to me..
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    If you go down the mcol route ensure you use crown motor direct ltd and none of the trading as names, if you paid any or all of the purchase price with finance or credit card contact them straight away and ask for a section 75 claim form you must have paid £100 o more on your credit card for this type of claim and they are them responsible for the full purchase amount not just the amount you paid on your card.
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