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    If a claimant has a work capability assessment, they will have the decision advised to them via their UC online journal. UC is an online claim, so everything is digital, apart from the health assessessment company who post out the assessment forms. So proof of UC benefits is the online statement that can be viewed and printed off. There is nothing posted out.
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    No problem claiming UC. You just put down current employment, as self employed. Unless you have regularly earned a minimum amount through self employment, which is not far off from national minimum wage, then you should be found not gainfull self employed. You will be expected to look for other employment, which you plan to do anyway. Once you have registered your UC claim online, you will have to attend the Job Centre for a few appointments. One will be a Gateway appointment to review self employment, so you would have you take with full details of self employment activity e.g. Contracts, invoices, receipts, accounts. It is following this meeting that they will decide whether self employment is gainful or not. I would suggest that you Google search Universal Credit and Self Employment, as their is plenty of useful information online. One bit of advice. Do not get yourself into a position of being treated as gainfully self employed, having the minimum income floor (assumed income) applied after 12 months on UC and then finding yourself living off nothing. The minimum income floor is assumed earnings through self employment, of 35 hours per week at national minimum wage. This assumed income might mean you then receive little or no UC payments. Many people who struggle earning very little through self employment, decide to battle on, even though they can't even afford to pay for basics living costs.
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    Easyjet operating model, same plane back and forward between two points, before then serviing another route. So for example say it was Bristol to Alicante, the Bristol to Alicante flight takes off say 6.30 am, it is then scheduled to take off from Alicante to Bristol within 20 minutes of scheduled arrival. If you are then on another route later in the day using this same plane, you can be subject to earlier delays. There are not many spare planes and with short haul, difficult to make up time. I think Ryanair organise their aircraft schedules differently, so they don't encounter same issues.
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    Ross Alexander has another company, APYORK Ltd which was set up this year. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/QemfbtmhBWTBA3gmA84Aqg5sPgs/appointments HB
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    Ok. That's good news. Follow the suggestions that I have made in the earlier posts and let us know what happens if you hear anything from them in the next 7-days. If not then draft a letter of claim and post it up here before you send it.
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    Looking at their Google reviews, they seem to do quite well but if you look at the number of one star reviews, it makes me think that I would have second thoughts about buying a car from this dealer https://www.google.com/search?q=autopoint+york&oq=autopoint+york&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j0l2j69i60l3.3304j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x487931034e872a7f:0xeef26ee63d0e66e2,1,,, Has this dealership anything to do with the Autopoint Group which seems to have disastrous reviews and may even have gone out of business or changed its name. I suggest that you start researching this. Anyway, assuming that they won't respond to your request under the 2015 Act, your next step I'm afraid will be to send them a letter of claim giving them 14 days after which you will make a county court claim in order to obtain your refund plus interest plus any costs you may have incurred and also any reasonable expenses such as insurance or necessary repairs. Only make this threat if you're prepared to go ahead with it. Don't bluff – although frankly if you are prepared to make the court claim then I'm not too sure what else you will do that might be effective. During the next week or two you should start reading up on this site about how to make a county court claim. It is very easy to do and we will help you all the way that it is worth knowing the steps in advance. I have to say that I'm a little bit concerned because I've checked on companies house for the name "Autopoint" and there are at least 75 hits. We need to find out exactly which company you are dealing with but it doesn't make me feel comfortable. It is very easy for companies to set up and then to wind up and then re-emerge with a new name. Please could you tell us the exact details that you have on your receipt. Although it doesn't help you now, it's a shame that you paid by bank transfer. If you had paid by credit card then you would have been protected under the consumer credit act and you could have claimed against the credit card company in the event of any problems with the dealer. What is the exact name of the company you bought the car from? This doesn't mean the name on their website or the name on their premises. It means the name on the documentation
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