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    Ok. Ill update you when the time comes. Ill go buy a big folder to fill with all the fan mail.
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    How many times this week has Simon soiled his underpants and run away? His laundry bill must be huge! If I were you, I'd write a letter to the court asking for full costs due to the time you wasted on Simon abusing the court procedure, under CPR27.14(2)(g) . You might get nowt, but it'd only cost a stamp. In any case - well done on your victory!
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    if they return then next time they come film them on your phone else you'll call the police 101. then we have evidence
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    no would have simply been a tickbox if you wanted it and anyway they weren't regulated in 1998. unless you did and sar got all the info first there's little you can really do now. but a plevin claim for a 1998 card till 2015 should be in the £1000's anyway I expect. cant comment without seeing the letter follow my last post please
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    Excellent, Excel are a true Cowboy Outfit, rubbish POC, and other confusions that trip them up.
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    runaway simon again. it doesn't matter he spies on here it wont alert them to early information as they get your defence and WS 24hrs after you send it to the court anyway. when you get 5 mins post up both so it helps others like you in future. dx
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    Well done thread title updated. Please consider making a donation to help us continue to help others in your situation. Regards Andy
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    then blank rubbish from their filing cabinet not a copy of what was issued to YOU at the time
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    Yes you will receive UC payment, but a reduced amount. If you have had a limited capability for work award that has existed before 3rd April 2017, you should receive the LCW amount of £126.11 instead of the £336 LCWRA amount. Rest of claim still the same. If original award only existed after 3rd April 2017, the £126.11 is not payable, so will be £336 down on what was paid previously. In terms of Job Centre requirements, you will in work preparation, so an appointment to discuss way forward with a Work Coach. You won't be required to have too regular appointments, as if you were required to look for work in the near future. Work Coach will confirm how often they want to see you. https://www.understandinguniversalcredit.gov.uk/new-to-universal-credit/health-conditions-or-disabilities/
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