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    Excellent news - the Card PPI claim has been upheld. It's about £14 less than the claim I made and they've subtracted £794 for tax, but can't complain about £7022.41 So that's two successful claims, just awaiting their calculations on the first loan. Many thanks once again gentlemen - I'm so grateful for all your help. I set up a regular monthly donation to CAG last month but will make another one off donation once the cheque clears.
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    Hi honeybee13 I will try to be unbiased in my view of things.Politically anyway. There is a lot of mistrust around at the moment. It could rise again some might be thinking. Fracking was a sure vote loser in the forthcoming General Election.For one party anyway,all of a sudden out pops a moratorium. All the warnings were in place for years about the dangers but onwards they went brushing experts and people aside. The oil and gas authority report due out what will it show. The police the massive expense,the people called protectors and others thrown aside not listened to. Sometimes leaving dents in hedges and bones,sprains,bruises and anxiety,sleepless nights,stress. People having to put up with tremors,mess,fear for whats next. Over 100 tremors at one site,many sites would be needed,can you imagine what was about to be unleashed on communities up and down England. The time people have spent travelling from across England,Europe and further afield to this Fracking Site in Lancashire. To have their say. Politicians as well. Damage by the Earthquakes tremors,the micro damage that i believe has been caused in parts of Lancashire. I read that Cuadrilla have been examining pictures on internet sites checking pictures of houses for damage that may have been done before the quakes and throwing a few hundred pounds here and there to some. I would like any sites like these to show the possible micro damage,not a chance even with a magnifying glass. But that is my view of things. I wrote on a site some time ago that we will see who has the last dance on the pad that leads to the Well To Hell. I have my shoes polished but not planned the day to dance yet,it may come soon. For those that have kept watch at the Fracking Site,the protectors the local residents who have been at the site past and present,well done. They must be feeling slightly relieved but watchful. All the parties have said they will ban Fracking,one says a moratorium best leave it at that. Who can you trust nowadays is the question. Money and power can get a lot done even if not correct and it can hurt some. I am gone i know i am going on a bit to much for some. Bye Tawnyowl.
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    don't forget moriarty never turn up so should be a walk in the park.
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    Go with the one in post #100 but remove point 1 about hearsay evidence.....the claimant has yet to serve you their statement.
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