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    HI Firstly the parking in front of your drive, do you have a pavement with a Drop Kerb in front of your property to access your driveway, if so are they infringing on the Drop Kerb? (note your can ask the council to to paint a white line with lines at the end on the road in front of the drop kerb please note there may be a cost from the council to do so) As for the CCTV look at this ICO link: https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/domestic-cctv-systems-guidance-for-people-using-cctv/ Due to the new DPA/GDPR if you have CCTV on your Property and it views outside of that Properties Bounderies they then need to register as a Data Controller with the ICO. So I would make a Formal Complaint in writing to the Councils Data Controller, ICO (specifically asking if this individual is Registered with them as a Data Controller) & Police, you need to keep a good paper trail of this individuals actions. I hope this individual knows the Law on Harassment as from your thread that is the impression I get is no matter what you do they will find something else to complaint about.
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    own topic creared please post here now who says you've gotta pay anything yes follow as others have done
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    It's not lawful to dismiss because she isn't working harder etc than other people. but, can she prove it? does she have evidence of grievances etc? Is it an actual redundancy situation or are they just laying her off or failing her probation?
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    Hi Sorry for the delay in getting back to you don't worry we have not forgot you. So they have destroyed ALL DATA personal to you as you did not take the Property. (really they have put there foot in it) If they hold no personal data then they have NO evidence of what was agreed to with your Holding Deposit and the refusal to return it. Now if it was me I would let them drop themselves in it even further by responding to there SAR response. Thank you for your SAR Response dated XX/XX/2019 Due to this response I require clarification of the following: 1. Have you followed the Data Protection Act 2018 & General Data Protection Regulations on Destroying My Personal Data? 2. If you have Destroyed All My Personal Data then what documentation do you hold that I have signed/agreed to the Holding Deposit being Non-Refundable and to provide copies of this documentation. 3. I require a copy of your Policy on Holding Deposits Please bear in mind the above is what I would do. I do think it is looking like you may have to go down the court route (make sure and have a good read of that link I previously gave you to the Tenants Fee Act).
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    You can have both a new claim advance and a budgeting advance running at the same time. But you can only get a budgeting advance for white goods etc after 6 months of being on UC.
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    I asked ICO once about a neighbour who has their CCTV set up to film the public road not his own property and got this reply "It's not illegal for people to operate domestic CCTV systems which capture footage of public space, but they shouldn't operate their cameras in a way which capture excessive data or is intrusive. You can report them to us by emailing casework@ico.org.uk and we'll contact them to remind them of their legal requirements, which include registering with us and paying an annual fee. You should note that we don't have the power to force them to remove cameras, and if you feel that they're using the cameras to harass or threaten you, you will need to speak to the police."
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    You might want to read up on the Information Commisioner's information on domestic CCTV, Eddie. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/domestic-cctv-using-cctv-systems-on-your-property/domestic-cctv-using-cctv-systems-on-your-property HB
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    no a letter of claim or a letter of/before action. dx
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    Hi everyone I posted last week as a new member but didn't introduce myself . I m sorry if this was impolite. Anyhow I love this site and appreciate the help that you guys (an gals ) regularly give to people who are sometimes desperate for help. keep up the good work! Z A
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