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    You will most probably have to make an application using the N244 to set a side the judgment with all the details and dispute re the Consent Order,..I dont have time today to run through your thread today but I will advise on making the application and prepare a draft order if this option is something you wish to take ? Andy
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    As part of the process of changing from an unrestricted supply to a meter, the water company are supposed to check for leaks. The get the house occupier to turn off all taps etc and then see if water is still being used. I know when I enquired with Wessex water, that this was their process and they would not swap to a meter, If there was a leak occurring. Then it would be necessary to fix the leak, before the meter work could be rescheduled. I wonder whether SWW noted an error and therefore they have not taken this to Court when they could have. As dx says, you need to write back confirming where you live now and that the address xxxxxx was sold on xxxx date.. If you have not paid or admitted to a debt within the last 6 years, tell them it is now statute barred under limitations act and they should cease writing to you. State that you are vulnerable, as you are within a month of giving birth.
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    you say this is a new bill for use from June 2019-October 2019 not your problem. if its for the old bill its statute barred now. dx
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    not your problem you don't live there nor own it and can prove so. dx
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    Hi. I'm sorry you haven't had any replies since you posted. A charity called Turn2us has information on their website that you could find useful. https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guides/Challenging-a-Personal-Independence-Payment-decisi/Ask-for-Mandatory-Reconsideration Best, HB
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    Yup you should be able to get a mortgage, I was in the same situation as you last year, with exactly the same deposit as you also. So your Money barn CCJ will no longer be visible on your credit file in 44 weeks and your Amigo Loans will be 5 years old next year. There is no question that you will get a mortgage, probably at a lower interest rate than me. The only problem you might have is the size of the CCJ, might have an effect. You need to find a good broker, that can make all the difference In any case, worst case scenario, start off with a higher interest rate mortgage, aiming to remortgage in a couple of years. Anything is better than chucking it away in rent.
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