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    Err not quite. Here's the actual (unedited) quote by Lord James of Blackheath as recorded in Hansard: https://hansard.parliament.uk/lords/2019-09-06/debates/0C259B8B-7232-4228-BB00-E258510FD926/EuropeanUnion(Withdrawal)(No6)Bill So not only did you edit the quote front & back to make it appear as a some kind of statement of fact, rather than a question, his peers laughed at it.
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    He can't do that. Article 50 says that the withdrawing Member State cannot participate in any discussions at the European Council concerning their withdrawal, so Johnson could not veto his own request for an extension. The UK is not allowed to be there when the vote is taken. [Article 50(4)]
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    No its on the orig thread and youve answered them already....
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    Ive had it too. With argos home delivery Supposed new dishwasher ordered. Got a returned one where a forklift had punctured it . Diff model too not even sold by them Was told it was fraud carried out by workers at the central warehouse. Argos card was refunded in full. Dx
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    Correct but the EU will grant an extension, they will not throw Ireland under a bus.
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    I'm not sure if this has been posted before, apologies if it has, but if not I think most who post on this thread would find it especially interesting. I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories but this 12 minute video from Bloomberg does seem raise some genuine questions about the integrity of Nigel Farage, the Leave campaign and their chums in the city.
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    Excellent find there by cjregg which might cater for veto .. but I'm not certain.
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    I'm not sure we have a vote on the extension. I found this: An extension can only happen if the UK formally requests it and it is unanimously agreed by the remaining member states. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/09/02/brussels-will-reluctantly-agree-brexit-extension-rebel-mps-succeed/
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    @Maharg1 So @Maharg1 were you 'mistaken, and/or incompetent, and/or simply trying to deliberately deceive us? Perhaps also consider that 'mistaken' should also encompass grossly incompetent given such a wildly unbelievable claim, even if what was (not) 'quoted had been accurate and honest. Sounds rather like the question that needs to be asked of everything Johnson and Vote Leave as a hole (sic) utter . @Maharg1- In mitigation, perhaps if you just copied that 'doctored' text from some other 'mistaken and/or incompetent and/or simply lying source, we can accept that you are merely incompetent as an excuse, and not actively seeking to promote lies or deceive us. Particularly as you do seem to show you have no actual knowledge or understanding of the area you posted on AND are unwilling to properly support your claims.. Was that the case? or were you deliberately presenting false statements? That second final point in italics does seem to lead us to doubting your sincerity.
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    Received my full compensation payment cleared into account today.
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    I may not always agree with everything Tobyjugg says but they do make valid arguments and not just bad cut n paste unsupported rubbish that has no basis in fact. I have to say, an EU army maybe a good thing if NATO fails as it might just. It’s not about waging war it’s about preventing. The European project, favoured by Churchill has kept peace in Europe. It is the rise of Nationalism and little Englanders who could end that
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    Hi. I expect people will be along to comment later. But I'm not sure why your landlord wants you to sort out the council tax issue when it's their property. Also, what does your tenancy agreement say about council tax please? HB
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    The ex Supreme Court Justice Jonathon Sumption (he who represented the banks in the Supreme Court bank charges case and won) was asked about that scenario and he said that if Johnson did anything contrary to genuinely seeking and obtaining an extension after the letter is sent it would have the effect of invalidating the extension request letter and he would thus be in breach of the Benn Act. The act doesn't just require him to seek an extension, he has to accept it if the EU agrees to it.
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    Yes very good news in deed! 5.5 million they raked inlast year.....not bad for a run down filty car park that towers above a derelict shopping centre. One of the only restaurant owners left on the edge ofthe precinct got a 100.00 charge and why? .....because his passenger wheels were touching the white line. BUT on that particular side was the ticket machine so he was not stopping anyone parking there or depriving them of income.....but still got 100.00 from him. Just sickening to see them getting away with it. So glad i stuck with it.
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