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    Probably is in case they accidentally forget, or pass it to Debt Recovery again later.
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    Hi and Welcome to CAG I have created your own thread...please continue to post and update your thread here. Andu
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    Just received two letters from Moriarty Law regarding unrecognised debts from ADCB in the UAE. I have responded stating I don't recognise the debts and have requested documented proof in addition to any insurance documentation that is routinely taken out with CC's & loans. My recommomendation is once you receive the Final Demand BP letter, request information by return letter (recorded post only). Do not get into telephone conversations with them unless you record everything (and you have to inform them that you are recording at the start of the conversation). What is ironic is that the prime owner of ADCB - Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi - owes me for unreturned rent & deposit to the sume of 60,000AED from 2015 via his private office. But because of his position and Court bias, no expat stands a cat in hells chance of recovering it. On top of that two other organisations owe me considerably more and are equally untouchable. This could get messy, and I will open a can of worms the UAE definately don't want publicising. Will keep you updated
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    There is no next course of action...you will find the above on all the Reston involved threads...last ditch attempt to get you to cave in.Default Notice Screen shot is from Restons software not the Original Creditors ...its identical to other threads with different original creditors.
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    Hi Have posted this as a warning. From 14th September 2019 there is a legal requirement for additional security checks to be made for online payments. This has already been implemented by Banks and unless you take necessary steps, you might be prevented from making online payments. Make sure your Bank has your up to date mobile number, that you want to use to receive security text messages on. Failure to do so, will result in you not being able to make online purchases, where a security code via mobile text message needs to be received, so you enter the security code to authorise payment. BBC article on this subject. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49556473
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    Reply today from Cabot their letter dated 31 August 2019...we haven't been able to provide you with the information you have requested your credit agreement is unenforceable until we are able to reply to your request. This means we are not permitted to obtain a judgement against you in court. Balance is still outstanding and while we cannot bring legal action against your account we are able to ask you to repay this amount you will still receive letters and calls asking you to pay. Result ? Your advice as usual was invaluable...many thanks...as yet nothing from Robinson Way
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    I had a DP card from 83 to 94, Santander confirmed I had PPI and it wasn't suitable for me at the time. They offered me £56. I went to the Financial Ombudsman and then Santander updated their offer to £1,200. Worth pursuing.
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    On this forum there have a been a few recent cases from ADCB. Moriarty Law is the DCA chasing the other case
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    Seems like ADCB are on a run to collect some cash to fill their pockets - must be their main business is struggling!
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    so how old is the debt and what was it originally? lowells will have bought the debt as part of a bundle but they wont have any supporting papwerwork to go with it so you will be able to run rings around them when they start to write to you to demand the money. have you had annual statemetns regrading the balance etc until now?
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    You should have received a Notice of Assignment from either the original creditor or the DCA (Assignor = Assignee) Check your credit files and see if the debt is listed from the OC or the DCA or both.
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    fwiw an sar does not HAVE to inc agreements sadly.
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