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  1. Deal direct with the bank and the bank only ! Get all your statements and everything in english complain to central bank about collection agencies Bilkish, Tahseel etc the worst ones and use the Penal Code also against them to follow the laws of the UAE Complain to the FCA, The FO and the SRA and keep complaining as I have done and nearly have a break through they are not following the law and will not get away with it. I’m talking about Moriarty and CWD/ IDR they have no right to be acting for these inhumane companies and if they are then they don’t follow the ethics here in the UK.
  2. please stop going around in circles and answer the questions.. you cant unbar a debt that was already SB'd so if they gained the backdoor CCJ when it was already SB's guaranteed set aside. but you must reasonably prove the SB defence. typically in a set aside application.. you need a reason to set aside the judgement a defence for the original debt. in your case SB covers both. so Q's in post 8 please
  3. Thanks DX but believe me without you guys here and following in for the last years I would of gone into depression trust me. Now it’s having confidence and again thanks to you and the team it’s helps but I also had to do a lot of research from 2011 and get smart. It was only in 2014 it started to get heavy but I was prepared. The only thing for me is waiting that is all just waiting either CWD or this new one Moriarty as I owe 4 banks total £90k ( with charges ) but by the law and correct. the funny thing is I have settlement offers from the banks themselves and the odd Ramadan email offer 75% off blah blah blah but unfortunately I don’t have that money otherwise of course I would.
  4. Only my advice but like I said the guys here have been great and very supportive this is just me from dealing with this since 2010 and the rubbish I’ve had to endure however there is always light ! create an email and keep all communication there so you have everything. No calls no letters etc only email and you can keep track especially when they get nasty. I’ve sent everything to the FCA to show them this and it’s good.
  5. And on top of this also in the early days CWD were acting as a DCA using solicitors as DCA’s which is against the law for sure which is why the created CWD. I’m sure the directors or Moriarty if you look at company house are trying to do the same thing using wording in such letters to scare and force people into responding and paying but again they do not own the debt email the banks and work with them to offer payment small if you can and if not ask them to take it through the courts of the UAE and then the UK to which then it is signed over and the correct paperwork registered.
  6. dump them now. follow the guide already posted on CAG. please don't use that certain website and its offers of advice. it is very well obvious with just a cursory browse around the interweb that they are in bed and take backhanders
  7. There is not one solicitor, judge, charity, individual that know about debt in Dubai being collected in the UK. You should not pay anyone it’s pointless mate trust me and listen to the guys and all their advice. Did this small time judge know about the collection agents, ruthless laws not followed and not even passed through the courts of the UAE regardless of T&C ! And the directly tactics used !
  8. You've had eight months wear out of them and Nike are offering you a full refund. How is that bad customer service? I'm a runner and wear Nike because they just happen to work on my feet. Your post has made them go up in my estimation rather than down.
  9. Have a read over on Squaddyp thread.....saves repeating myself.
  10. I think the certain website is the one that helps people with issues in Dubai. The feeling is that the help they provide with debts, is just to negotiate a repayment arrangement with the UAE Bank, but what do they get from doing this ? They seem to generate a lot of social media to create fear. If people want to negotiate repayment, they can do this themselves, by getting statements of account, deducting interest and charges added and then looking to settle the actual debt over a relevant period
  11. post up the Gladdys letter with all personal detaisl and reference numbers redacted. It wont be a lba judging by your precis but it will be interesting to see what they say because they may be dropping their client in the merde and that may be worth noting for later
  12. had had the doorstep collection email from them on the 6th August still waiting for them to call .......
  13. Thanks for your note much appreciated but I can and will ignore as much as I can as I have done for many years until correct laws are followed. If and when the time comes thanks Bankruptcy will help me a lot (you don't know my situation) but appreciated the link very helpful. I will not see anybody in a court room for a foreign debt nor should anyone on here be entertaining sending paperwork, financial details etc to a firm that do not even own your debt ! and then on the backside the hammered by other collection agents etc for the same debt to be collected. Once again I go with DX statement from a few years back that scaremongering is not the way. Been on the journey since 2009 and riding well
  14. ignore you are in scotland pofa does not apply there is no right of trespass either. should you ever receive a letter of claim comeback here please complete this even so:
  15. Yes she can! So the question then becomes should she? Well PIP has 2 levels and we all know points make prizes! Therefore run a few online PIP tests, go through the descriptors with a fine tooth comb and work out what her new point score would be and if it moves her up a level....... and if you have your arguments and evidence to back that up then - nothing ventured nothing gained (see * footnote) If it doesn't then leave well alone! * (foot note) any re-assessment comes with risk of the loss of the whole award and having to wait until you win at appeal. If you have your arguments and evidence to back that up then when it gets heard a appeal (note not mandatory reconsideration - which is a joke at best) ; the DWP have to prove why they reduced an award on top of that argue why the award should not be increased. I've won 3 DLA appeals doing the above and am expecting the same with my current DLA >>> PIP conversion - place doubt then argue your evidence focusing on your evidence and how it fits!
  16. charlie* is correct, you are a natural living flesh and blood human being with a family name. However when you were given a name and registered at birth it created a PERSON, a legal entity. Your lawful, christian name of birthright was replaced with a legal, corporate name. Only corporations can do business, enter into agreements, contract, exchange money. The best part is how can a fiction do anything when it doesn't even exist, it can't. When banks want to do business with you they need you signature, when they phone they need you to confirm you name, LEGAL FICTION - PERSON, look on your credit/debit card, NAME IN ALL CAPITALS, that's you the corporation. Why create a strawman? The answer is 'in order to charge the strawman imaginary costs and penalties and fool the human into paying those amounts'. These imaginary charges include 'Income Tax', 'Council Tax', 'Inheritance Tax', 'Capital-Gains Tax', 'Road Tax', 'Import Tax', 'Value-Added Tax', 'Fuel Levy', 'Loan Interest', 'Bank Charges' and anything else that full-time professionals can think up and are confident that you will not notice that you never agreed to pay and don't need to pay.
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