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    Very little The SNP + Libdems can't call one, and Corbyn wont unless he's forced into it - he wants Brexit before a General election - and few think he can win anyway - even against Johnson Bl**dy farce.- which is entirely appropriate as the court fool now has the crown and there's something at least as bad waiting in the wings. We had Cameron, and thought - its got to get better Then we had May, and thought surely it can't get any worse. Now we have Johnson, and we can't see how its ever going to get better..
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    OP is (again) snapping back at any reply that doesn’t fit with their preformed idea of how the utility company (or mortgage company) should treat them. OP : You say you won’t agree to a pre-payment meter (and agreeing might limit the extra costs and allow you to feel more control over the process). If you aren’t giving them a realistic payment plan (which you can’t if your expenditure isn’t matched by an income) : how do you expect to prevent them getting a warrant?. Bottom line: despite you suffering from mental illness and the situation not being of your making, you can’t expect to live rent / mortgage payment free, nor with an ever increasing electricity debt. You are better engaging with the electricity company over the meter than saying “I WON’T have one” unless you have a robust plan to prevent them obtaining the warrant. People aren’t posting to distress you, but to try to guide you away from unrealistic expectations.
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    Yes, on the NtO there is a tick box which says: The council is unlikely to send the NtO before the middle of August, so I would call the garage every 10 days after that or so to make sure they deal with it
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    That complicates matters. Did you sign any form of courtesy car agreement? As driver you cannot make representations to the NtO, only the registered keeper can do that. The garage has to transfer liability to you by filling in the appropiate sction on the NtO and return it to the council, who will then issue an NtO in your name. It would be best if you speak to the manager and explain, because otherwise the garage may well just pay the full penalty and bill you together with an admin charge. If that happens any right to appael is lost
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    No, your appeal would be heard by the Traffic Penalty Tribunal either on-line or as a telephone hearing https://www.trafficpenaltytribunal.gov.uk/how-your-appeal-will-be-decided/ https://www.trafficpenaltytribunal.gov.uk/what-to-expect-at-a-hearing/
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    Agreements yes...section 77 for loans and section 78 for credit cards and section 79 for Hire Purchase
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    I am going to close this thread for now as all the advice offered is correct and nothing further can be added. Regards Andy
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    It is neither bullying nor abuse. If you really think it is, report the post & let the site team decide. you can (also) set it so you ignore my posts. Your choice. Additionally, you’ve had helpful, appropriate advice. You are just choosing to ignore that it is helpful and appropriate (without you suggesting any more realistic approach!) since it doesn’t fit with your unrealistic expectations....
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    Ive yet to see it happen yet in my 13 years on this forum...even if hey did agree to freeze the interest...you have breached the agreement and will get a default marker/ notice . Then they will assign it to a debt collector...debt collector will ignore any payment plan you had with the OC and hound and harrass you forever...some will even litigate and issue a Court Claim. So before that happens why not request copies of the agreements per debt see who can comply and not and get in front and find out what is and not enforceable and likely to be litigated on. Your in debt your in trouble..this will only get worse before it gets better....unless you land a windfall on the lottery.Creditors are not in the business of assisting debtors with debts they owe to them...your simply prolonging the process by trying to appeal to their better nature....or lack of it. Just my opinion but you must do what you feel comfortable with . Andy
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    I don't think so. They can say whatever they want, but if they don't specify, any motorist can interpret the sign wrongly and park during restricted hours without knowing it. Am or pm must be specified. This is the best comment.
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    if some are joint debts by that i mean joint card or bank accounts they you will have too
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    I would go all the way to adjudication. Their explanation that 10 means 10am is very weak: how is someone supposed to know if you don't write it down. This is exactly right. As the council has not bothered to specify am or pm, i read the first sign as "no stopping 10pm-5am except taxis" and the second sign as "loading only 5am-10am". Prove me wrong i would say to these cowboys.
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    Interesting that in their reply the council admit the sign says 10-5am and then go on to say that this means 10am-5am. If that's the case, why doesn't the sign make that clear. I think this gives you a fair bit of wriggle room at adjudication, that the sign is wide open to mis-interpretation and the council have as good as admitted that. The sign should have said 'No stopping 10am-midnight and midnight -5am except taxis'
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    Not due till the 13th August by 4.00pm. With regards to the above...thats the standard template response from Robbers to a section 78 request.....not sure why they keep referring to GDPR and it being free.....section 78 is a completely different legislation under the CCA1974 and the request is not free its still £1. They may think that account is on hold...I assume it is since the day they submitted the court claim...but the court claim is not on hold and the defence must be submitted by the above the stated date....irrespective. Andy
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    I agree the sign is ambiguous, and I think you will probably win this, if you fight it all the way. (That's 'probably'!) The sign must state the hours of no parking, and must be clear. So, the yellow sign says "No stopping 10 - 5am". Logically, that can't be 10am - 5am. So it must be 10pm - 5am. And then logically, it follows on, that you can stop to load after 5am, until 10am. If it means something other than that, it isn't clear. I don't read any restriction after 10am - which is itself odd, but you have 14 days to decide what to do, so I would start by contacting the Council and asking for a copy of the Parking Order for that location. This will tell you what the true restriction is, and I would not be surprised if it's 10am - 5pm - in which case, the sign is completely faulty and you should win. In any case, you can make formal representations once the Notice to Owner is issued, and this can be followed by adjudication. Incidentally, what was the contravention and contravention code printed on the PCN?
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    As an aside, when it comes to PCP's or monthly payments on cars there are nearly always options, no matter what your credit. Bear in mind you don't have any CCJ's either. However the payments will be more expensive. The same goes for mortgages, defaults become less important as they age, also having a higher deposit can compensate for a multitude of sins. All the above is my own personal experience, it's never the end of the world.
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    D1.tough you send letter two... no change in your overall situation. d3..but you could change things later. u1 you might have issues eitherway with the car upon renewal. u4.possibly
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