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  1. I think its utterly definitive of the current situation in the UK that an apparently highly thought of, credible and competent civil servant is effectively forced into resigning for being honest and doing his job, when unconscionable self serving liar Johnson not only gets away with blatant lying and NOT doing a good job, he's lined up to be the next PM That the leak of the diplomatic documents was a political machination is pretty much without doubt. That the Ambassador should resign after that leak is right and shows the Ambassadors quality. That Johnson does not and would not shows Johnsons complete lack of quality. This will no doubt be censored - but Johnson is undoubtedly the bottom dwelling **** even in the UK's current political cesspool.
  2. Just checked and I have already sent them Letter of Claim and a spreadsheet of the actual amounts prior to them offering to resolve with an NDA, so I think I have done enough now and they cant say that they are not fully aware of my intentions.
  3. Just a message of support really, well done and I am watching closely as I am also at this stage now with my mortgage company having refused their offer because they wanted a NDA clause to prevent any further claims. This could open up many more cases south of the border if successful.
  4. The only businesses more hated than banks are debt collectors, and unlike Banks they're not a necessary evil. In my (admittedly brief) experience, the quickest responses I've had to Subject Access Requests since the GDPR regime came into effect are from DCAs and Bailiffs.
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