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  1. Of course, Ebay is just a cheap advertising medium. If you want rogue sellers try Facebook, it’s full of them, Ebay is prestige compared to FB.
  2. It is the usual rubbish. It is cunningly designed to frighten you because it uses some words designed to provoke an emotional response such as Bankruptcy, charging, Warrant etc. If you read it carefully it can be summed up as follows: 1. You were wise enough not to engage with us before and we are a bit pissed about that. 2. Because we are pissed but can do nothing else we are trying to frighten you with all the things someone else COULD (but probably wouldn't) do with keywords. Only our client and his solicitor could if they had a case. 3. More keywords because we are still pissed you have not engaged with us. 4. We have advised our client (though we probably haven't) to refer to solicitors for legal action because 1). we have failed to scare or engage you and 2). we have no power to take legal action ourselves, only solicitors engaged by our clients could do that. 5. We want to help you (for which read we want to help ourselves) and please look at the list of other people who can help you because a). we may be legally obliged to refer you to third party help and b). some of those guys will advise you to engage with us rather than put us to strict proof. This letter should be filed along with it's envelope. No need to respond in any way or have any anxiety about this one.
  3. ⁸Even if this vehicle was being sold by a Rolls Royce garage, it's still an old banger valued at scrap money in the open market. Expecting a faultless vehicle would be very optimistic. Certainly the vehicle must be roadworthy, so no brakes would be a problem, but worn brakes would not, as long as the car stops within accepted standard. Same for clutch, small leaks (which are absolutely normal on an old engine), air con not at sub zero temperature, some rip in the seats, some dents in the body, etc. The fact is that the neighbour has gambled on a car and the gamble unfortunately did not pay off. I and many others have gambled with old bangers in our days, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I won a couple of times and lost once, that's the nature of gambling. If you want a faultless vehicle buy a new one or a used one from a real dealer with a real reputation and real warranty in case things go wrong. Old banger=gambling.
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