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    As Bazza said the date of knowledge is when limitation starts to run. Johnson v MOD (2012) is the relevant case law. As far as I know it’s still good law.
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    80+ provable occurrences? I’m surprised they aren’t proceeding under S5 of the Regulation Railways Act 1889, as once or twice MIGHT just have been without intent, but claiming 80+“accidents” would be beyond reasonable. What are you (realistically!) looking for as an outcome?
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    Its all meaningless until they can provide and comply with your section 79 request.
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    Threads merged....should be okay to post here now. Andy
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    The information is here on CAG Please be wary of users trying to direct you to other sites that want fees for helping out of you
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    Already answered this in my last post......
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    yes you did the Q&A but not the last bit of my post... so now you cant ring northants bulk till monday now they will send it straight away
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    Definitely worth a go, they might chuck in the towel before Court.
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    no it wont cost you anymore please don't use papers only you will lose if you do that. yes you have every chance of winning. and it might never need attendance.
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