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    too right keep on him hope TS do something too the selling as a trade vehicle = no return...was on watchdog rogue traders several times. I believe one lot got very heavily fined for doing it twice even after the first warning.
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    If this was the only visit made and no inventory taken, then only the Stage 1 fee should be charged. The stage 2 fee of £594 is highly questionable and with regards to the Sale Stage fee of £630...….needs to be removed.
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    gotta pop out i'll see if I can find it later tonight dx
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    If the cancellation cover is the premium for an insurance policy, and if they are paying you back the £625 as a claim under the policy, you can't expect them to return the insurance policy of premium of £74 as well. If you hadn't paid the premium you wouldn't have got the claim paid.
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    I couldn't find it either...but I deffo read it and advised on the thread
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    It doesn't...your agreement was pre April 2007 and you have not been given a reconstituted version ..what you have uploaded is the original with your signature.
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    I wouldn't.......your last letter from them may have been spewed out by by software and your response could push them to actually make application.
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    The following may be of interest when the claimant makes application for SO/SJ and you get a bad Judge. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/412568-cabotrestons-claim-form-old-vanquis-card-debt/page/6/#comments I personally would wait and stand another £255 to see if they do make application ...but thats me not you
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    Possibly.....but with hindsight and seeing the varying levels of quality District Judges in the UK ....some that follow the CCA1974 to the dot and some that prefer the balance of probabilities route and tend to side with claimants...its impossible to predict an outcome. If you can stand a further £255 application fee (thats what it costs for their next move) and are willing to wait if they actually do it......you could always try to negotiate a settlement before that stage is finalised for hearing...but its your call.
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    Well its 1a that you would rely on and hope the judge does not fall for the old " on the Balance of Probabilities " I see there is a screen shot of details of the Default so there must have been one sent...... Although that screen shot can not be evidenced to Sainsburys accounting services software and possibly recreated to fit the claim. Evidence of a default is not evidence of service and does not satisfy section 87(1)
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    Well page 3 is there were they requested you sign and return......this is a pre April 2007 agreement and the prescribed terms appear to be present so would hasten to add that a court may accept that as a valid agreement. That leaves you with only the lack of DN so should you wish to ignore and proceed you do so at the risk of getting a judge who is a stickler for section 87(1) and may possibly dismiss the claim on those grounds. Should they follow their threat through and make application to lift and strike out /summary judgment be aware that you will cover the further costs which will be added to the claimed amount......so in effect it may be prudent to consider their last letter and try to thrash out some agreement that avoids proceeding and further costs. Something for you to consider....as Cabot/Mortimer normally do follow through their threat. Andy
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    The old made up cancellation cover and fees penalty.... otherwise known as " Theft " " If you need to cancel your booking please call us immediately on 0345 604 3881. Should you cancel your booking, the deposit is non-refundable and you may be responsible for cancellation charges, which are explained in the Booking Conditions. If you have personal travel insurance or the Standard Booking Conditions apply to your booking, you may be covered for cancellation, depending on the reason. However, not all your money may be refunded – please see the Booking Conditions for more details." http://help.hoseasons.co.uk/customer/en/portal/articles/2704393-what-is-your-cancellation-policy-
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    Did they provide the agreement as per post # 64?
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    If you bought insurance you ought to have been given a policy document - that should tell you how to claim. I’m pretty sure that it will be a different process than just writing to customer service. The document might even have a special number to call for advice on how to submit your claim. Do you have this paperwork?
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    Can you remind us what the document is please, so we don't need to re-read the whole thread? HB
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