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    seriously this topic is getting rather tiresome....
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    doubt it but ive never seen one of those before they are real though just check Co House HSBC Business review dx
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    I would advise her to start accumulating as much evidence as possible. You never know, tomorrow she might be escorted from the premises. If there are any internal paperwork available then she should either photograph them and scan them that anyway start preparing to protect herself. This is very important. If there is an email system then she should forward any relevant emails to some personal account so she has got copies of everything. If she is on duty now you should get word to her about this and of course he needs to be very discreet but it is important. Of course anything that she does copy out is strictly confidential and should only be gathered in order to defend herself in case there are some unfair accusations made.
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    Hi. I'm sorry that your wife is having problems, hopefully we can help. I've merged your other thread into the Employment forum, it's better to have just the one. The employment posters know their way around legal stuff as well and if need be, we can move the thread to the legal forum. HB
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    Just turn up smart. No need for a suit. its not like youre going in the dock. Youll be sat around a table . Just wear a smart outfit, and brush up on everything, as they WILL try to bluff you if you let them. And thats IF they dont run off before the hearing is called. And then thats if they even turn up tomorrow.
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    watch out for them trying to intimidate you before you go in wall away and smile.. dx
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    Hi after a few more exchanged emails where they still refused to acknowledge the colour error and reiterated that I had return it at my cost, they have now agreed a full refund. After I advised them I would get my refund as the process was already underway and all photos and correspondence had been forwarded onto the relevant dept as evidence. They do not want the paint back so will donate it to a local centre for autistic children to use in their sensory garden area. Massive thank you to all who took the time to reply to my post I am extremely grateful XX
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    give it a few days and ring the court and check. as for cabot ball is in their court now id not poke them. dx
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    you don't need to do that no. sar his bank then. dx
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    please keep to your own thread. don't appeal no. until / unless you get a letter of claim from one of their fake/tame paperwork only solicitor you SIT ON YOUR HANDS both of you AS TOLD ABOVE by EB!!
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    Hi, Ditto, identical situation to mine, Excel sign, VCS invoice. I have not appealed so what would be the best course of action for me? Apologies in advance if I am asking in the wrong place but should I post my pics here also as they are pretty much identical or just await this thread to be updated?
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    I'm close to the 6 month window so it's up to the finance company to fix this error. To me it's very significant as it will have a negative effect selling the car. Vehicle was sold hpi clear. It's not. It's a problem.
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    Some state the Judgment CCJ supersedes the agreement and therefore not required to comply with section 77/78/79...some do or try to comply
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    Found this....if your struggling to pay back OP from CTC then have a look at this, it may be of some help BBC NEWS | Business | Dealing with tax credit overpayments

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