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    Bought a Philips Hue bulb £39 from John lewis for daughters bedroom and when I tried to set it up it didn't recognise the bulb after talking to Philips I realised its not a Philips bulb but a normal Led bulb Took it back to John Lewis not knowing if they thought I was ripping them off and they checked the stock on the shelf and they were not proper Philips bulbs either. Phew ...... Anyway they checked the double bulb boxes and they was ok and gave me one of these. Tbh I have never had anything but great customer service from JL my tv that broke last year under 5 year guarantee was dealt with to my satisfaction and bought another tv from them that was better. Well done JL
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    stuff 'em do a chargeback. if they want their paint back [why it will only go in the bin!!.] let them pay for it to be returned.
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    Wrong colour, automatic refund/replacement. I ordered from them before and a pot arrived half open with paint spilled out. They sent an immediate replacement and let me keep the opened paint. Maybe they didn't want to deal with this just before a sunny weekend... Wait monday, i'm sure they'll send you the correct paint.
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    Well as I said, you are entitled to return it. If there is any argument about the money then begin a chargeback procedure with your bank. Go to trust pilot and put a review there. Go to Google and put a review there. The colour of the pain doesn't matter. Within 14 days you are entitled to return it for any reason. If your bank causes problems about the chargeback then come back here.

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