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    Yes very good news in deed! 5.5 million they raked inlast year.....not bad for a run down filty car park that towers above a derelict shopping centre. One of the only restaurant owners left on the edge ofthe precinct got a 100.00 charge and why? .....because his passenger wheels were touching the white line. BUT on that particular side was the ticket machine so he was not stopping anyone parking there or depriving them of income.....but still got 100.00 from him. Just sickening to see them getting away with it. So glad i stuck with it.
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    this topic is for advising mbazalik please create your own topic at the top of this page
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    If you're waiting for information from the PPC/solicitor that's relevant to your defence, still get ready and have as much drafted as you can. Work on the assumption that they are not going to reply in time, so you put notes in about not being given full information, sparse particulars of claim etc and request that you be given leave to submit an amended defence once you have all the details of the claim that you have requested from them. If their reply does come before 22nd then you can slot in points and amend your defence before filing.
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    thank you FTMDave. No i didnt go for costs. I know i should have done but it was never about the money for me but the principal. But i must admit i was quite a shock to see they had a fully fledged solicitor and 2 judges. At entering the court i did think omg why have i been so stubbon, why did i just not pay. ...… but then i thought no why should i.... .im right to defend myself. The Judge was most scathing about Popla too.... made sure I got my point in about how they offered to give 80% decisions in favour of car parking companies appeals etc., The Judge said they did not give me due consideration given such a minor error and therefore not fit for purpose. At one point they said that as i was suffering from such memory loss i should seek medical help and doubt i should even be on the road driving at all........ my reply was..... well sir, i doubt the claimant was in any position to judge my medical state as to my knowledge they were not medically qualified however in their WS they stated that i had written a letter to PPL on 27/05/2019 when in fact it was 27/05/2015 a date we had not yet arrived at, so maybe they too had such a condition where they could see into the future... ...a de minimis.. ..a small error... ..a blip in remembering what year we were in. The Judge could not help but slightly lower his head with what appeared to be a little smirk lol Mind you as advised by your colleagues on here, i did not actually mention in my WS anything about my memory .... .so maybe they read the pages on here???? When i am able and get some help .... i will still put up on here the event as i am sure it will help others. Thank you all so much.
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    you had 32 days from the day the claim was issued so if 12 days have elasped you have another 14 days plus time for the response to work its way through the postal system. If you sent your CPR 31.14 request off at the very beginning then you could send in your outline defence at the last moment and include a statement saying you do not belive they ahve the authority to be there etc as they have failed to producesight of the contract, the planning permission etc. you can still add thsi to your actual defence but never wait for them to respond at the risk of missing your deadline. They will behave unreasonably and hope to get away with it so make sure you do everything correclty and that way you have grounds for complaint and asking for the claim to be summarily dismissed without a hearing. ( unlikely to happen but does occur if they ahve been very lazy or naughty)
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    Ask the claims department for the underwriters for the reserve amount they have set against it. Make sure the new insurer knows the claim is ongoing, and how you got the figure if you go with them.
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    Josborn - I was looking over your case - What happened in the end?
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