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    You need to be wary of no win no fee they don't tell you is that if you lose then you are still liable to pick up the other party's costs. Secondly, you have essential ingredients that no lawyer will have and frankly no money can buy. you have self-interest and grudge.
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    Hi and a welcome from me. I have an interest in Hermes (and Parcels2Go) and it is my opinion that they do not want their terms and conditions tested in court as almost everything they convey is prohibited for them to carry which (again in my opinion) is not lawful. Nearly case I have followed so far has been settled but it needs a full court case to test those terms and conditions. As your case is quite a costly one, Hermes may decide that it is worth defending so you do need to be aware of that. Bankfodder is the 'go to' guy in these cases and I am glad to see he is helping.
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    It's because it's one of the few civil cases still dealt with in the Magistrates' court- from the Magistrates side it's dealt with under Part2 of the MCA 1980 (Civil Jurisdiction & Procedure). Council Tax is a strange amalgam of civil law with some aspects more akin to criminal law thrown in (i.e jail for non-payment). As an aside the fact it's civil has caused major issues in the past in respect of disputing decisions of the court as s142 of the MCA 1980 (power to re-open cases) was deemed to be only applicable to magistrate's criminal cases - it was eventually ruled that the courts have a common law power to re-open a case if needed irrespective of their being no statutory power.
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    make a formal complaint? and if they continue then send evidence to the Financial regulator read this:- may help:- Harassment by creditors - Citizens Advice
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    That's very strange. This is what it produced for me - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/search/?q="british telecom"&sortby=relevancy
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    No need to worry about a criminal record, I would ring up and try to sort it out with the council.
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    I wasn't a great fan of the old site layout. I prefer the look and feel of this new site, keep up the good work. Hopefully these type of errors are temporary Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 and Sorry, there is a problem Please wait 4 seconds before attempting another search Error code: 1C205/3 and a search for "BT" and "British Telecom" produced no results. Who would have thought it!
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    Just keep a log of all forms of contact from Harlands/CRS or Zinc, in case you need to complain about harassment. Time, date, what they say, and the type of contact will be fine. But certainly no need to reply to their request or demand.
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    powerless...already told you what to do in my last post..
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    Hi SoS, DX is right - you should just ignore the demands and threats from Harlands/CRS and not reply to them at all. Harlands/CRS will see any response from you as being a good reason to keep sending you demands and threats. Ignore demands and any phone calls. Keep us posted though.
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    You should never reply or use email!! Block and bounce.. And read things properly..doesnt say WILL anywhere. Dx
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