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    You may be right, but during those 40 years, supply chains have become more complicated and reliant on the single market, just in time etc! (Not arguing if this is right or wrong). The problem is a sudden breaking off, after 4 decades, that's what people are afraid of. It's like a class at school, bringing in Lego bricks from home all year, to build a massive house. Then at the end one kid having a screaming tantrum that he wants his bricks back.
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    It always annoys me that they tell such lies in their letters to try to frighten their victims and seemingly with complete impunity. Mrs O'Frog's BS detector provides the correct interpretation below: 1. "Our client is now assessing cases" - scratching their heads or picking fluff out of their navels. 2. "Should we take this action it will result in" - oh, so no "may", "might", "maybe", "perhaps" - I wonder if they have next week's lottery numbers too? 3. "Further solicitor charges being added to your balance" - nope, can only recover the amount on the ntk from the keeper under POFA ( + max £50 for somebody to attend court on the day) 4. "Court costs being added to your balance" - so that'll be the £25 filing fee, not £000's they hope you'll worry about 5. "County Court Judgement (CCJ)" - well of course it will. You go to court, the judge makes a decision who's right and who's wrong, that's called a judgement. It could be against you OR the judgement could be to dismiss the claim. Think of the judge as a football referee. You make a tackle, your opponent claims he was fouled, do you just pass them the ball and give up or wait for the referee to blow his whistle? 6. "We urge you to consider the consequence...… seriously affect your ability to obtain credit" - So if they take you to court if they actually go through with it if you lose and the judge says you need to pay them (approx. £200) if you're daft enough not to pay them within a month you're allowed, then (and only then) you will get a black mark on your credit file. 7. "We would of course prefer to resolve this matter" - so we get our commission 8. "PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER - we really, really want our commission I understand Mrs H is getting twitchy and thinks that a quick letter will have them apologising for bothering her and trotting off politely, but that's not how they make a living, they're strictly PBR. In any event, she should ask herself this, if she was determined to write to them despite what everyone advises- if "somebody" did reply to them would it be Mrs C Homer, thereby tipping them of to their error, or the non-existent Mr C Homer thereby deliberately misleading them
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    there is nothing you can do to improve your score urban myth sadly. if the OC still owns a debt then pay THEM directly NOT via a DCA. if a debt has been SOLD. then pers i'd stop paying await the defeorestation [100's of letters made from trees..sent by the dca that now owns the debt] WHEN that happens pop back hear and we will deal with each debt SOLD to DCA's as that happens. its better to force their arm rather than blindly paying a DCA and running the SB date to infinity for no real reason other than being cash cowed. as for taking out 0% cards to pay old debt off NO!!
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    I have an idea - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=69469
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    What are the debts for. WHy are you paying them? Have you ever issued a CCA request for them?
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