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    Hi Tawnyowl Returned from the Cuadrilla Fracking Site Site after spending perhaps 5 hours down there. This was the first day of Green Party week. I was absolutely tired out and since then have just rested.Unable to write anything but am recovered now and going to crack on with the tale of the day.Just my condition,the way it goes. Video,Photos,links to others who were there.I talked to many including one of the speakers and have a tale to tell. I admire the strength the protectors have and watched,observed them in action.They just do not stop. From youngsters to people in their 80s they are there for the duration,that is clear. Well i just popped on for now to show you a few things that developed as the day went on yesterday down there in Nottinghamshire at the Igas Tinker Lane Site. Picture post: Protesters shut Notts shale gas site Protests have closed the IGas shale gas exploration site at Tinker Lane in north Nottinghamshire. Early today, two opponents of the operation to drill for shale gas at the site locked themselves in front of the gates and one person climbed on top of a tripod. Later this morning, two other protesters climbed on top of trucks delivering to Tinker Lane. The A634 between Blyth and Barnby Moor, was closed. Nottinghamshire Police said three people had been arrested. https://drillordrop.com/2018/06/11/picture-post-protesters-shut-notts-shale-gas-site/ Whether you or i think this is right or wrong does not really matter i am just showing things that happen. Pretty obvious what i think about things and if i was younger i should imagine i would be behind bars by now. So maybe a good thing that i only have words.But have been at times very close to actions. I have never known times like this before as a industry is forced on communities.And the story need to be told and recorded for people in the future to look back on. Some of the media is biassed as maybe i have seen.But reporters,and others perhaps at times lean towards the viewers or readers they have. Or maybe just not show.As if nothing is happening. Speak the truth,everyone or those who are aware know whats going down and we are all at risk if allowed to continue this way. I will have to change this post as news is arriving. Good heavens another Lock On,i mean Flock On.And Farmer Palmer is there,the Llama farmer.Tinker Lane-Igas Fracking site Nottinghamshire. Flock On,Incredible actions this morning. Once again the Site is closed for business. Back later with the story,pictures, and video of yesterday at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site. Day one Green Party Week.And updates from Nottinghamshire.
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    nope. as above dont do anything. They are already out of time so they can say whatever they like. They have no chance of getting money from you.
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    As you have appealed as the keeper and made it clear that you were not the driver. Do absolutely nothing more! Nothing. Stop. Sit on your hands. They were/and are out of time to create keeper liability, so as keeper, you are not responsible. That leaves them with the only choice of going after the driver and they don't know who that is and you have absolutely no obligation to tell them. Under the terms of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (POFA) they had 14 days (from the day after the parking event) to get that Notice to Keeper (NtK) on to your doormat to create keeper liability. They failed. Game over. It won't stop them trying it on of course, and they'll send you increasingly desperate and threatening letters. But if they're stupid enough to try to take this to court, I'm 99.99% certain that they will lose (providing you do nothing more, and use the correct responses when/if the time comes).
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