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    On consulting with my insurers, they told me that [problem] companies register with the CUE database as all they need in a companies house number. Then, they use software to rip people's details from this directly to cold caller staff who then trawl down a never-ending list. As far as I can see, the only way around this is for the government to legislate against these companies having access to CUE. But, as very few people know this is happening, there isn't any pressure on legislators.
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    Shadowdog, I would like to make one or two observations. You have had mutiple faults with the vehicle over the past 2.5 years which have been partially dealt with under warranty. I suspect that not all of the repairs were to a good standard for the following reasons. All four corners have had cracks repaired - unless this is a common occurence with these vehicles ( unlikely or the various forum would be jumping up and down on Auto Sleeper) this should have alerted any competent repairer to the fact that the roof structure was defective requiring further investigation. Your second independent report, was this by an acknowledged expert in this field? If so, one can extrapolate the cost of repair by multiplying the hourly rate (minimum of £90 per hour) by the 60 + hours that they suggest is needed. This estimate of £5400 plus, is a good starting point. A quotation (even with the caveat of additional cost on full dismantle) would itself require some dismantling to be accurate, so could be subject to some cost to you, which could also be claimed. The fact that it has taken 2.5 years to discover this structural fault is not relevant due to the nature of the fitted interior. which would hide the seperation of the side wall from the roof until it got to an advanced state with the additional pull of the extended awning. If you have not yet done so, I would suggest that you post an abbreviated version of your post on the relevant forums and Auto Sleeper Facebook suggesting that all owners of these vehicles check for this shoddy workmanship/design fault. I would have expected at least metal bracing plates between the timber frames where additional stress from a side awning is likely. Good luck.
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    HI I see a problem here. As these accounts have nothing whatsoever to do with you, the companies will be unable to supply any data requested in a SAR as if they did, they would be in serious breach of the Data Protection Act. A SAR to all the credit reference agencies will reveal what data they have. At the very least, I would be writing a notice of correction against each of the false entries. Once a dispute is raised with the CRA's then they should contact each of the creditors to get a formal response. Unfortunately, these companies tend not to check properly and just state that the data is correct and the CRA's just leave the data visible. My preferred option is to send a Letter Before Action to each creditor and demand they remove the data forthwith and if they fail to do so, take them to court. This form of action can only be used if you intend to follow through, not as a threat. If you are not prepared to follow through, don't threaten. With the CCJ, I would be requesting that company to agree a set aside so that it can be removed from your credit file.
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