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    Dear ceeferace, Oh my word… my heart goes out to you…x All I can say is, I’ll keep an eye open for your thread, give you as much support as I can; have children of my own; old ex-legal secretary, although having trouble sorting my own situation out despite that etc, etc If it helps, I surfed the threads here for myself before posting, and can only say, the help, and advice I’ve seen is very good….so would suggest putting up a thread asap! If you’re on maternity leave at the moment look at other threads as near to your own as possible to gain some insight, and consider a visit/phone call, to your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau too, especially in your condition, to take all the advice available before you make a move…. Nothing to lose by that, and all the more to gain rather than a CCJ given by default if you don’t act/respond to the claim form you’ve received, which is what the creditor would like… Much love to you….x ps….if you feel able, I’d recommend mentioning this to your GP too… please take care of yourself
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