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    What, exactly, is wrong with the replacement. Do you consider it to be faulty? H
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    You are best advised to seek local help. The charity Shelter might have a local advocate that can help with this. http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/eviction/court_action_for_eviction/preventing_eviction Also mental health charities such as Mind, may be able to offer help. What you need is an action plan to deal with the whole situation and charities that deal with these situations are best placed to help.
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    Bazooka Boo SDP is not enabled by a PIP Mobility award it is only a Daily Living award that can do this. Also you need to be living alone or considered to be living alone and no one must be receiving Carers Allowance for you. However, this is not the whole story, to actually receive payment you must be receiving or entitled to receive an Income Related benefit such ESA(IR), JSA(IR), Income Support or Pension Credit (SDP is not available under UC). It is not an extra payment added to your PIP award.
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