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  1. I recently had my kerb dropped by the council They would not do it until the garden had been turned into a drive
  2. you write to the DLVA and ask them who has requested your keeper details and why and whether the company has access to the KADOE system ( basically automated access rather than filling out a form) If the co has abused the access then they can be banned from using it and that means they have to manually request the keeper details and wait for the postmen to deliver. That costs them a fiver instead of £2.50 and times them out for most claims. When the DVLA respond and say it is under the POFA you complain pointing out that the law doesnt apply to Scotland and thus the reason for accessing the database is a lie and what are they going to do about this breach of the DPA.
  3. You are asking if BC can verify when the last payment was made to the account.
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