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    The funniest bit by far is the assumption of greed, if Dr's were truly greedy they'd openly push the privatisation agenda. Our household income would at least double overnight if the NHS were to be privatised but instead, the JD's are out to keep the status quo, to maintain services which are already woefully underfunded and stretched - I see it day in day out and yet we're told by Jeremy that a 7 day NHS is required. Funny I've never seen opening hours posted outside our local DGH, funny that when after a 12 hour day we lock up our practice that people's calls are automatically diverted to an out of hours service, funny that under Jeremy's watch the fact that the new contract openly discriminates against parents and women. But no, they're greedy. They don't want to work weekends and don't care about anyone but themselves. And, as a former BMA head it's clear that his views no longer reflect the membership and that of current NHS consultants. A hired gob, spouting good old fashioned DM anti-NHS bile to whip up the easily led into a frenzy of comedy comments.
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