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  1. last time I had to deal with an insurance company over the phone was a nightmare, I started e-mailing them photo's and the situation soon turned, when talking to the motorbike's insurance company next ask them for a contact email address and a reference number, then simply sending all the photo's you have of the bike on the floor may or may not help not sure, but it's something else for you to work with
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  2. Hi Skyee and welcome to CAG I think your letter needs improvement and suggest the following :- Dear Mr xxxxxx Vet fees incurred after your dogs attacked my dog On the evening of 22nd February 2016 at about xxxx time, your 2 Bull Mastiffs who were both off lead in a Public Area attacked our 3 month Husky puppy who we had on lead causing severe injuries to Summers outer and inner left back leg and several puncture wounds around her backside and genital area. After the attack on our dog, Summer, you immediately left the area with your dogs not leaving your name and addres
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