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    Your link predates the Consumer Insurance Act. Consumers no longer have to second guess an Insurer and disclose all material facts, they only need to answer the questions asked. They don't need to volunteer information that has not been asked.
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    The population of this country were not told in 1975 what the result of joining the Common Market (it was for trade) would be, they were lied to and kept in the dark. Just like the country is today by Cameron and his cronies. An internal government memorandum said; “I enclose a draft on sovereignty…We are rather worried about the impact on Parliamentary opinion…the fact of the primacy of community legislation cannot be disguised. But I feel that there is a case for omitting it altogether.” A British Foreign Office paper is quite explicit; “Community law is required to take precedence over domestic law: i.e. if a Community law conflicts with a statute, it is the statute which has to give way….the community system requires that such Community Law as applies directly as law in this country should by virtue of its own legal force as law in this country prevail over conflicting national legislation.” (FCO 30/1048, National Archives) So when, in the October 1974 General Election, Harold Wilson’s Labour Party manifesto included a pledge to renegotiate terms for Britain’s membership and then hold a referendum, (now were have I heard that before) the loss of sovereignty was an issue about which not merely the entire ‘yes’ campaign wanted to keep quit but also the Government itself. (we could be talking about this referendum)
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