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  1. I managed to move after making a complaint. I think I filled in at least 2 forms - both saying current property isn't suitable because of the half a dozen steps. I can only manage 3 steps. Social services were useless and said it's not a problem because I have somewhere to live. Ok then, I'll just stay in all the time or risk falling every time I go out. Even if you are moved to near the top of the list, there may still be a bit of a wait. Do you get any carers (even if it's just a friend coming in a few hours a week doing your shopping) coming in to help you? Just thinking they could write a statement saying they're having to help you up and down the steps, which if there's a fire isn't exactly practical.
  2. Conniff, you must be tone deaf and blind. Bowie was superb. Kooks
  3. sigma would not have entered the defaultTM would have. lowells can do what they like as long as they don't change the original defaulted date. pers i'd be getting an sar off to TM now. get all the info, and p'haps dispute the debt. this does not sound fair to me. dx
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