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    Recording Interviews etc. You might find this response to the same sort of enquiry from the Information Commissioner's Office helpful. To the best of my knowledge the ruling is still valid. If the recording contains evidence to support a maladministration charge, using it at a tribunal hearing could be regarded as one of the personal uses to which it could be put, a very important one. Information Commissioner’s Office 26 September 2012 PROTECT 26 September 2012 Case Reference Number ENQ0465807 Dear Mr Zola Thank you for your correspondence of 23 September in which you ask if an individual cannot covertly record conversations when they are solely for their domestic use. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), Section 36, there is an exemption which states that “personal data are exempt from the Data Protection Principles and the provisions of Part II (individuals’ rights) and Part III (notification) of the Act where they are processed by an individual only for the purposes of that individual’s personal, family or household affairs (including recreational purposes).” This means that an individual can carry out covert recordings without being in breach of the DPA as long as the information is for their own personal and domestic use. I hope this information is helpful. If we can be of any further assistance please call me, or contact our Helpline on 0303 123 1113, quoting your case reference number. You will also find useful information on our website at [1]www.ico.gov.uk. Yours sincerely Michelle Hazlehurst Case Officer - First Contact Group Direct Dial - 01625 545216
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    So someone gave it to you Why not just put it in a charity box and do something more constructive with your time
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    Morning Polarbear... Welcome back to CAG... Lets see here. Can we have some more info on the debt? Also fill out this... I know its been 7 weeks, but itll open up the doors for us to help. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?419198-You-have-received-a-Claim-What-you-need-to-do.-**UPDATED-December-2014**
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    hi f9d Just relax and dont worry about it anymore, HONESTLY, you got away with it lightly BUT DONT DO it again. It would cost Tesco, £100's if not £1000s to take it further with the courts which they dont want to do PLUS the Police do not want to be bothered with this trivial thing. This is why Tesco employ this approach, as a deterrent and to be seen to be doing something about it, it is just too small a thing for them to worry about so they get their security guard to act all threatening, take details to scare you then they pass it to this other company that try to get money out of you afterwards, they "invite you to pay", these requests have no basis in law and as DX/Honeybee rightly say above can be thown in the bin and laughed at. This same thing, in TKMAxx, happened to my girlfriend a few years back and I researched it fully and it was a real eye opener, I think I have a thread on here about so check my history threads. To allay your fears and really make you feel better I suggest you read up on it yourself as suggested by the guys/girls above, it is a fascinating and interesting thing once you see the real true picture. Take care, calm down and have a cup of tea, stick a movie on and relax
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    Persoally i wouldnt even touch the debt or contact them unless you want them to start harassing you and threatening you. If they got a CCJ, youd need a valid reason for a set aside . More often than not, these companies get the CCJ out of pure spite, knowing they can never collect, and the person will have it on their credit record for 6 years.
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    Before you retire that machine an interesting weekend project would be to download and try Lubuntu, a light version of Ubuntu, a popular free operating system. You will be surprised how fast and fresh and responsive your PC will feel, you will be able to run the latest chrome browser and not have to worry about slowing your machine down with all those anti virus / malware / speed booster etc etc etc applications. Unlike windows where it seems 70% of the time is spent maintaining the PC, Lubuntu will also free you from that burden. If you need hand holding during the process they have a fantastic army of users who will guide you in every way. http://lubuntu.net/
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    sorry to hear that .....has your condition been diagnosed by a doctor, if it has you can get them to write you a letter advising of your condition and that should give you some maneuvering space ...you would also be best off getting a break down of their charges before you make any further commitment to them....and until you have a written letter from you doctor I would immediately bring your condition to their attention.....also don't be shy why not try "help for heroes" there maybe something that they can do for you......
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    Enter into their complaints process and get a full breakdown of what they think you owe. If you can get the bill down below £200 you can switch supplier. You might also be able to switch to a standard meter. Prepayment meters are normally more expensive. EBIC don't apply standing charges as such and you get charged on what you use. Therefore it can work out cheaper for those who are low energy users. Worth looking into, if you can get away from your current supplier.
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    You are at the very bottom of the hardware requirements for Win 7 and below Win10, your memory is probs mainly keeping the OS afloat with little left to run applications, you could try a different more lightweight browser like Midori http://midori-browser.org/
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