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  1. Wow could anything be more complicated? I have never heard of an advisor suggesting a BTL Self Cert mortgage to a first time buyer. It just sounds ludicrous. Maybe your best course of action is mis-selling. BTL suggests a level of financial competence which, with respect, you clearly did not have at the time. Since you had no intention of letting it out, and never checked for mail, I can see how the problem arose (although I would certainly notice if my mortgage payments were not going out of my bank account each month)! Poking through all the chaos it seems to me that whoever sold you this loan led you down a path which has seen you make yourself unable to get another mortgage for years, if ever. It would certainly be worth making a complaint. But as someone else said.........you hired a barrister to sort out an earlier problem, but represented yourself, without the paperwork at an eviction hearing? Sorry, but that is just madness!
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