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  1. Just received the appeal decision from POPLA and they are allowing my appeal, see below. Thanks for all your help with the advice provided. "**** ***** (Appellant) -v- New Generation Parking Management Ltd (Operator) The Operator issued parking charge notice number 2***** arising out of a presence on private land, of a vehicle with registration mark ******. The Appellant appealed against liability for the parking charge. The Assessor has considered the evidence of both parties and has determined that the appeal be allowed. The Assessor’s reasons are as set out. The Operat
  2. I would stop contacting Moorcroft other then to tell them in writing that you will not be contacting them again and that they should not contact you as you will be dealing directly with Lloyds in order to help them clear up their error. Secondly I would begin a formal complaint to the FOS on the basis that Lloyds is mismanaging the account and that you are being treated unfairly as a result contrary to BCOBS. Make sure that the payments are now kept up to date. take a copy of one of the payment slips and if the book runs out again and they don't provide one, you can then make further pa
  3. I think that you mentioned earlier in your posts that you had received guidance from Ploddertom. He truly is an expert in this area. It is good of you to come back on the forum to let us know the outcome. Please continue to do so. Well done !!!
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